Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Memorial Day!

Memorial Day was supposed to be a rainy mess. Thankfully it ended up just being overcast and we got to go out and play at my parents house. My parents bought kayaks and the kids were really excited about trying them out. 
I was a little worried about Cavin as he tends to not have coordination on his side, but he did a great job! Ella also did awesome, but did end up falling out trying to get off, no worries, she thought it was hilarious :)
Ragnar is good at most of these type of things and had a fun time trying to beat me up the lake ;)
Deacon always wants to be with Grandpa and had a fun time sitting in his kayak!
The pool is right across from the lake and so the kids got to swim as well. Ella found a little frog who became her best friend for a couple hours!
We had a great time. Sadly Chris' family was sick so the cousins couldn't join, but we enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to having this fun option to do while at grandma and grandpas.

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