Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Original Mud Run

This past weekend Ragnar and I participated in the Houston Mud Run! The Mud run is a 10 K race full of 30 obstacles. Some fairly easy, some very difficult. I was so proud of Ragnar for finishing. He did all but a couple obstacles and on one there was a 20 foot cargo net you had to climb up that was very hard and then you have to come down the other side...he made it up and halfway down he lost his grip and fell flat on his back onto a mat....scary! (thankfully I didn't see as we weren't running together) He was fine, it just knocked the wind out of him and he kept going! He did great and it was his very first race....of I hope many! :)
Ragnar had some of his Rockets buddies running with him and I ran with a group of my friends. There were 7 of us girls and we called ourselves the C.T.R. girls...the chicks that run. It was fun....I wanted to run with Ragnar but the competitiveness in me didn't allow for that. Hopefully next year when he is in great shape!

Before the race with Kenna and Cris Garthe

Here is his Rockets group (and me in my other shirt :)

Here we go!! Natalie, Kim, Mitzi, and Stephanie were the other girls who ran with us! It was so fun to do it as a group!

So gross!

This obstacle they called the "Leap of Faith" you had to climb up and then jump in 8 feet of muddy water....as you can tell I really did not want to jump in! (Somewhere inside of that pit is my bandana!)

I could do the running part....but I need to do some more major weight lifting for next time!

Here is everyone when they are done....I finished in just under an hour so I was already cleaned up.

Here are the two girls I ran with Emily and Brittany! We did great...we were one of the first girls to finish and were in the top 10!

Wahoo...you did it!

Time for the hose down....it felt nice to get the mud out of your ears and your shoes! We had a great time. Thanks mom and dad for watching the kiddos while we got dirty!