Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A visit from Marisa!

This past week we got the pleasure of having Marisa come to visit from Arkansas. We enjoyed seeing her and her cute family. We got together with everyone who lives in Houston on Sunday and had a nice dinner with everyone. On Tuesday we went to the park with the kids who didn't have school.
Deacon was loving having Liam to play with.
Grandpa took them out to the water.
Here was the fun playground that they played at.
Kate and Addie stayed home, but I got to play with them and they are adorable!
Thursday Deacon came down with strep and so I was bummed and afraid of who we would spread it to. We stayed away that day, but Marisa came over for a birthday party my friend was throwing me. I was really grateful for her support as the whole event hadn't panned out how it was supposed to and another event was planned the same night. Most of my "friends" were committed to that, so I was already super bummed about it and didn't want to go. My friend Becky made the best of it and I really appreciated the women who came to support me. We played laser tag and got drinks at sonic.
Everyone came and hung out at our house Friday night and the kids all played together.

Saturday was a busy day! Ragnar's client was able to get us 4 tickets to the rodeo, so we went with Marisa and Ethan to the rodeo. My mom and dad took the kids for us, and thankfully with my brother's family support, they survived!
They took them to the park to play red rover and duck duck goose. The kids said they had a great time.
Ella made dinner interesting by losing a tooth!
Then they watched "Moana"together.

As for us, we ate and enjoyed the rodeo and Brad Paisley.
I think this is the longest I have ever seen Marisa's hair!
I was really happy they came to visit and we really had a nice visit with them. I love Marisa and the relationship we have, but I sure wish they lived closer.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break week 2017

I love Spring Break. I think it's a beautiful time in Texas and I love having a week with the kids. Thankfully the weather was gorgeous so we could play outside all week!! The weekend before Channing went to her best friend Avery's roller skating party. She is constantly talking about Avery from school and really loves her!
Channing did an amazing job trying to roller skate as she has never been before! I was so proud of her!

I started off the actual week on Monday taking the kids to Jumpalooza to play and thankfully there was hardly anyone there so they had a great time!
That night Ragnar's client from work gave us tickets to see Sam Hunt, so we went down to the rodeo to see him perform.
I love the livestock part of the rodeo before the performance when the bull riders and barrel racing happens. It was fun to watch!
The concert was fun, but I didn't know a ton of his songs. 
We got a funnel cake and enjoyed our time away.

Tuesday morning I took the kids back down to the rodeo so they could participate in the fun!
We went in to see all the animals first. They loved the chicks.
 The pig races are a must! We love piggies in our family!
 We also enjoy the "fun on the farm" exhibit where they get to pretend they are farmers.
Deacon loves the water station!
It was a fun time at the rodeo. They played carnival games. They were trying to win a big pokemon character but ended up winning a stuffed animal for each kid instead. Really Cavin won them all and was kind enough to share each of them with his siblings. I was proud of him!
We came home and cooled off with smoothies and eggs for dinner ;) 
After dinner I got to have a fun sleepover with Ella! She earned enough points from her Garmin and wanted to use part of them for a sleepover. We played games, worked on a puzzle, had icecream, and talked and laughed. I really enjoy being with her. She is a great kid and I sure love her!
The next morning we went to the park with our friends the Smith's. We built fairy houses. Ella loves to read about and study fairies and she and Jaemi wanted to create houses. The other kids joined in and spent several hours creating!
Deacon was accomplishing other things, such as reaching the highest point on the playground.
We had a picnic because the weather was so beautiful.
They finally completed their houses and I loved how creative they were!
That evening I took the kids to meet their dad who had to work the Rockets game. We love going as a family and the boys especially love it. Sadly a man spilled half his beer on Channing right before it started, so that was a little bit annoying!! She handled it well and we still enjoyed ourselves! Plus the Rockets beat the Lakers by 39 points, so they did great!! 

Thursday was my 34th birthday. This picture of the cute poster the kids made together was the only picture I got of that day. It wasn't a great day. Birthday's tend to be hard for me. They were so wonderful when I was younger. The older I get, the harder they are. I think you just seem to look back on the year and realize you are older and still haven't accomplished some of the things you thought you would. Also, I feel like you always feel like a loser when no one remembers. It was a rough day, and thankfully it is over.
For my birthday, the next day the movie Beauty and the Beast came out. Ragnar was excited and bought us tickets a month ago. We went to Texas Roadhouse and ate dinner and then headed to the movie.
It was a great movie and we loved it.
Friday the boys wore there shades and we played with water under the trampoline. Aren't the boys cute! HAHA!
Saturday we went to a wedding for Ragnar's co worker, Sarah. It was an all day event!! It was at a Catholic church and it was very different than anything I have been to before. They basically held a mass with their wedding and he priest was very animated and sang most of the words. It was unique. They seemed happy though and that was great.
Many of Ragnar's co workers were there so we enjoyed watching them and talking to them. Thankfully I wasn't completely bored as we had Andre and Christen to hang out with us at our table.
Finally I finished the puzzle that we had been working on all week. It was 1000 pieces and I did most of it on my own. The kids and Ragnar helped here and there, but I had forgotten how much I love puzzles. We had a nice week. Ragnar and I had 3 dates this week which is more than we've had since before we had children! It was fun to go out with him, but man we forked out a lot of money on babysitters! It was a good Spring Break with the kids.

Woodlands Half Marathon 2017

Once again I participated in the Woodlands Half Marathon. This was my 3rd time running it. I enjoy it as it is a pretty easy course and fairly well organized. It is only about 45 min from my house and so a good marathon to do every March. This year one of the running buddies we run with, Brittany, had just had a baby a couple weeks before, so only Emily and I ran together this year.
There is usually a group of friends we have that run it every year. Usually there are several of most of the same people who do it year after year. Here is Rebecca, Emily, Michelle, Greg, me, and Kim. I wish we were all the same pace so we could race together!
Pre-race selfie.
Post race and still alive!! I finished in 1:45, so not the time I hoped for, but I felt like it was a strong race. I was grateful to have Emily running with me and pushing me along. It always helps the race go by faster when you have someone to run with.
My cheering section!
Deacon and Ragnar were there to support as well as Ella and I was lucky to have them! They are a supportive family and I love them!! Cavin had a flag football game so he was doing his own performance! 
I am so grateful I get to have a healthy body and can run and move as I wish. That is a blessing I hope to never take for granted!

That evening we went to a wedding of Brittany's sister Kaitlyn. Thankfully I wasn't too sore and could walk in heels just fine ;)
It was a beautiful wedding and it was one of the few weddings we have been to outside of our faith so it was interesting and very fancy ;)
They had a fun photo booth that we took advantage of.  It was good to go and remember why Ragnar and I chose to wed almost 13 years ago. It's a wonderful thing to see 2 people really in love.

March Madness

March has been a crazy month for us!! It has been filled with lots of fun activities and lots of craziness! It started with my parents moving from their home of almost 17 years. I tried my best to help with the transition, but inside I was super sad. I really loved that house and I despise change, so it hasn't been fun for me to watch them go. They were ready for change and are only about 15 min farther up the road, but I will miss the memories there. This is where they brought me my senior year. I only lived one year in that home, but it has been the home I have always come home to during my adult life.
The last day before I left I had to get one last picture.
We got to celebrate one more day together with all the cousins who live in Texas for a playdate.
Grandma and Grandpa with their grand kids. I will miss this place!