Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Patricia Haws Funeral

On December 23, 2014 my grandmother Patricia June Story Haws passed away. She died in her home with my grandfather. She had been in poor health for many years so although it was unexpected, it wasn't completely surprising. It is a little sobering to have a funeral looming a couple days before Christmas, but we did our best to celebrate Christmas and then my sister Marisa who was in town from Arkansas and I flew to Utah to join my parents, 2 brothers, and other sister for the funeral. Ragnar was wonderful about being willing to take some time off of work so that I could go support my mom and family and be able to celebrate my grandmothers life. I had to take Deacon with me as he was only 4 months old and he did really well on the flights and the trip. I consider that a huge blessing in itself. 
Here is Deacon on his first flight. He was a good baby. I was worried about his ears hurting or something but he fell asleep as we took off and slept for a while. It was my cute sister Marisa who was next to me that we should have been worried about! She had major motion sickness!
When we got to Salt Lake City, miraculously my brother Corey's flight from Michigan, my brother Chris' flight from Washington, and our flight all landed within 20 minutes of each other so we could rent a car and drive the 3 hours to Vernal, Utah together. It was so nice to be with my siblings. When we got to Vernal, Deacon got to meet his great grandmother Mabel who is still living at almost 90. She is an amazing lady who still hosts and cooks and cleans and cooks and cooks some more! She loves to feed us and is going strong. She is a good example of staying healthy.
Sunday was the viewing "visitation" for my grandma.
It is always a little unsettling to me to look into the casket and see their lifeless body. I am grateful for the knowledge that this will not be the last time I see her and that we have eternity together. My grandpa was doing fairly well and in true fashion he had all his disposable cameras with him to take pictures :)
Here I am with Grandpa Haws. He has a fun sense of humor and although I am sure very sad, he was enjoying having his family around as I know my grandma would have loved.
It was really wonderful that all of my siblings could make it to the funeral. I sure do miss having them around and I love each one of them so much!
The funeral on Monday was sweet and a good reminder of the wonderful woman my grandma was. It was a very cold day so going out to the viewing was pretty freezing and my dad made it short and sweet. I love this picture of many of her grandsons carrying her casket.
It was great to be able to spend some extra time with my sister Marisa. I don't get to see her often and she was a great help with Deacon. There were so many blessings along the way throughout this trip. Deacon had an overall very happy/content demeanor, the travel plans all worked out great and we were even moved to first class on the way home.
Ragnar did awesome with the kids, they really missed me and were happy to have me home. They made me this cute sign.

Overall, I really felt like angels were watching over us and our families as we were all gone. My brother even had his son born the next morning. It was a great time to be together for my grandma. I will miss her phone calls. She was really the only one who called our house phone so it will be weird not to hear it ring. She was always so proud of us and our family and always let us know. I will miss hearing about her life adventures and the things she knew about the world. Although we never lived close by to her, I knew she loved me and I will miss her. Families are Forever.