Friday, April 25, 2014

Our Sweet Clumsy Cavin!

Yesterday I got a call from the school nurse. She said she wanted to make me aware of something that happened at're never sure where a call like that is going, but knowing my son I assumed he had gotten hurt. She said he was playing chase at recess with his friends and he tripped and fell and hit his head into a brick wall. (Sounds like my son). So she told me she didn't think he had a concussion but that he was really sleepy..which it was lunchtime and he always is...but that he wasn't dizzy, his eyes were dilating, and he didn't even really cry at all. She said he had a pretty big goose egg on his head and she would feel better if I called his Dr., came and got him, and monitored him. Anyway this is what I saw when I picked him up...after he had had ice on it for 30 min.
He said he felt fine but was tired, so we came home and he slept by me for a little while. As I watched him he wasn't using his wrist for anything so I asked him if it hurt and he said yes that he hurt it trying to brace himself when he fell. So I didn't think much of it, because he wasn't in much pain. He really wanted to go to his last soccer practice of the season so I told him we would try because he looked ok and he did fine there but he fell again and you could tell his wrist was in pain and he wasn't using it when he ran, and so I called the Dr. and we took him in the next day and sure enough he had broken his left wrist. It's always hard for me to tell with him because he is pretty clumsy and he has a high pain tolerance so he falls often and rarely cries. My only inkling to take him in was when I broke my wrist it didn't necessarily hurt, I just couldn't use it and it felt weird. It being a Friday I didn't want to get to the middle of the weekend and have to take him to the Urgent Care or ER if it got worse, so we went to an orthopedic Dr. and he took x-rays, discovered the break, and then set him in a cast. Thankfully it was a removable cast that can get wet. That makes it a little easier. He has to wear it 4-6 weeks. Poor guy really isn't in any pain, he just has to learn to walk/run not using two left feet! Here's to hoping our next son will be a little less clumsy!
He looks like he is dying in pain huh?!?!?

Channing is 3!!!

Our little lady turned three this week! She has definitely added a lot of spunk to our lives and after the other two have been so quiet, it's interesting having one that never stops talking! We sure do love her. On her birthday we had our morning birthday donut which we sang to her with because once again a Rockets game fell on a child's birthday so Ragnar would be working. 
After donuts we went to pick her some balloons out and then off to Grandma's house to get a "friend" for her tea party that Grandma had invited her to. We found our "friend" at build a bear workshop and she had never been and was pretty excited about the adventure.
She chose a lamb or lambie as she calls it for her tea party friend.(She is a little obsessed with Doc McStuffins and it looked like Lambie from the show!)
Here she is going to give her a heart!
Then it was Lambie's bath time!
Here is Channing and Grandma waiting for Lambie to be all ready!
And she's finished! She named her Lucy (after telling her she needed to pick a name) and she was so exited about her and the "house" that she gets to be in when they package the stuffed animals.
At the mall she picked up one more friend from her Oma to also bring to the tea party.
Aunt Natalie and Grandma were ready for the tea party which started outside...and they even wore matching clothes :)
Here is her Lucy the Lambie from Grandma and Rapunzel doll from Oma to take to the party! Doesn't she have great grandmothers!
Grandma decorated so nice and she even got to use real glass cups and plates ;)
Can you tell she's excited!
Here we are...grandma even made sandwiches cut out like dresses and crowns!
She wore a tiara, earrings, and gloves in true princess fashion! She even got pink ice cream for dessert!
Grandma let her open her presents from her and Grandpa and this was her favorite! A Doc Mcstuffins dress up outfit! 
After the excitement of the tea party, she kept telling me she was tired and ready for her nap! Oh my sleepy kids! Haha we had to go get Cavin and Ella from school so we headed home! For dinner we ate her favorite Chicken Nuggets and sang Happy Birthday!
A yummy "Great American Cookie Company" cookie cake.
I think she had a fun day! She kept telling everyone that it was her Birthday! A couple things about Channing. At her 3 year old well check she was 32 pounds. She loves to talk and sing..especially "Let it Go". She loves her monkey and she carries her around with her "polka not" blanket as Channing calls her. She still always sucks her thumb! (her poor teeth!). She loves Doc McStuffins and Frozen. She is a very picky eater and mostly only eats one "real" meal a day. She loves chicken nuggets, strawberries, goldfish, apple juice, and pretzels. She is very bossy and likes to make sure we all know what to do. She also has OCD and is always cleaning up...wonder who she got that from??!?! She wakes up early (and therefore goes to bed early). She is always happy when she wakes up from a nap or bedtime. She loves to watch "shows" and play the cupcake game. She almost never names her stuffed animals, she is very matter of fact, if it's a monkey than his name is monkey. She sure keeps us on our toes and we love her for it! Everywhere we go someone comments on her "beautiful hair". I'm so glad we have gotten 3 fun years with her! 
A special thanks to my mom for making her 3rd birthday special!

We love Bluebonnets!!

You can't live in Texas and not have bluebonnet pictures. I wanted to try and take a few of the kids as I love doing it each year because they always bloom right around all of their birthdays in April. Here are some of my favorites.
I sure love these kiddos! I think I got all of their personalities in these!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Eggs!

One of the kids' favorite thing about Easter is dying Easter Eggs. We try and do it the week of Easter and they love it. 
Ready to go!!
Channing's favorite two eggs!
Ella making sure hers were perfect!
Cavin's pretty excited about his!
and...this is where Channing and her father ended up after she finished!
The next night we went to Family Night at Chick Fil A with our friends and they had a balloon lady who did some pretty fun balloons!
Cavin sported the Easter Bunny Ears, Ella got a parrot she named feathers ;), and Channing got a mermaid!
Pretty cool if you ask me!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cavin's 6th Birthday!

I can't believe my son is six! Time seems to fly by since he went to kindergarten and I don't get to spend all day with him anymore! He was so excited for his birthday and was counting down the days. The day before his birthday I went to the school to surprise him and be the "mystery reader" for his Kindergarten class. It was so fun to hear the clues and then when I said the title of my book and he heard my voice hear him scream "YES!!!" when he knew it was me. I had lunch with him and he got to wear this birthday hat and carry the school "spirit stick"
Saturday was his birthday and he woke up to our traditional birthday donuts! Since Ragnar had to work later, we sang to him twice ;) Once with a candle in a donut, and once with his cake!
He doesn't love all the attention, so he gets embarrassed easily. I love his cute smile when he is shy!
After breakfast we went to his soccer game. For him there is nothing better than being able to play soccer on your birthday! He kept his tradition of at least scoring one goal each game this season so he was happy about that. After the game his team sang and we gave them cupcakes, then we went to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Speers and Aunt Natalie. Of course because McDonalds had skylander toys, that is where he chose to go!
When we got back we did presents and cake and ice-cream. He wanted a soccer cake with soccer players?!?! So I did the best I could.
He could hardly wait for presents!!
He got the race track he wanted "Hotwheels Mega Loop Mayhem". He also got skylanders, soccer balls, cars, rainbow loom bands, books, crafts, a monster truck remote control car, and other fun stuff!
Here is Grandpa helping put it together!
He was excited to have Grandma and Grandpa and Natalie here spending the day with him! In the evening we went to the Rockets game. Since much like his father, sports fulfill his mind! 
He was excited that his dad bought him a new James Hardin jersey and held hit to his face and smiled when he gave it to him ;) We got to have cotton candy, pretzels, and popcorn! I think we had enough junk food for the week! 
I hope he had a great birthday! We sure do love him. At his 6 year wellness check he was 62 lbs and 48 inches. Some of his favorite things right now are: the color green, the number 8, anything to do with numbers, Skylanders and playing the wii, First in Math at school (a math computer game in which is he is the player of the day almost everyday), Soccer, watching the Rockets play basketball, crafts/coloring, his blue blanket, a phone call from his dad, shooting soccer balls in his net in the backyard, Beanie Boos, turtles and horses, making rainbow loom bracelets, chicken nuggets and graham crackers with frosting, and telling us about his day at the dinner table! He is a sweet boy and rather calm. He really dislikes loud noise or chaos. He has a very mischievous smile, and a very full, fun laugh. We are so grateful we get to call him ours!