Friday, September 2, 2016

Speers Family Summer Olympics 2016

My mom is great about trying to make a summer Olympics happen for the kids each year. They sure do love it. This year we got rained out, so it didn't happen til the weekend after school started. Nonetheless, she made it happen! The kids were really excited as it is so much more fun with cousins close to compete with. The kids made their flags a couple weeks before and were ready to go. Unfortunately, I did not get many pictures of the events, but they had fun regardless. They started with the Olympic Flag March led by Grandma to the Olympic music. 
They are adorable kiddos!
Deacon was carrying the American flag while shouting "Go Germany Go!" Everywhere we go he sees the flag and says Go Germany! I think he's a tad confused which country he lives in (and I think his dad has indoctrinated him)! haha!
The first event was the Obstacle course. Caden ended up taking the Gold in that event. Then their was the Javelin throw which Cavin won, and then shot put which Cavin and Caden tied on. Then they did archery.
We had a small problem with the target as it was too close to the neighbors fence and the first arrow when over, so we had to change the target and then Cavin took the archery medal. 
They also tried some Hockey. Then, it was so hot outside and so many mosquitoes that we headed to the pool to finish out the rest. We did individual swimming events which Ella won one and then water polo which Ella and I won. Ella is good in the water. Then when we came back, we ate Greek food for lunch and had Popsicles and then finished with a round of fly swatter balloon volleyball instead of beach volleyball. I am so grateful that my mom took the time and effort to keep the summer "tradition" going. I love it and the kids have a great time.