Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bluebonnets--on overload!

So this picture pretty much sums up our attempt to take pictures of the kids in the Texas bluebonnets! Channing is such a happy baby...but for some reason...she wanted NOTHING to do with the flowers! So this is how Ragnar spent his time...trying desperately to make her interested enough to even just get ONE picture! Not such luck.....hence the reason there are a ton of pictures, because I couldn't get one that I really just loved!

Cavin is terrified of any bugs....poor child....I hope he grows out of it. So he would not sit in the flowers, and barely would with a blanket. We got some shots after much bribing!

Ella on the other hand was in LOVE with flowers. She talked about bluebonnets at school and was very excited to see them. She just has had a rash on her eye that will not clear up...but she is still our little princess!

This picture makes me laugh, because literally Channing NEVER cries and I think Ella and Cavin are trying to figure out what in the world was happening?!

We finally got one of Channing at least doing her signature thumb sucking!

Oh how I LOVE my kids. I just sure wish it were easier capturing their adorable personalities on camera!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Each year our community does an Easter Eggstravaganza! The kids seem to enjoy it, so we continue to return :) They do a big Easter Egg hunt a couple weeks before Easter and split the kids into age groups to hunt for eggs. Since Cavin is only a month away from being 4 and it's easier to keep him with his sister, they both went on the 4-7 year old hunt!

The sun was so bright!

Here are all the eggs on the field and in the background is the "Easter Bunny" We of course (given Cavins phobia to any animal in costume) had to go to the other side of the field!

There were lots of eggs and Ella was too fast to even catch her on camera!

They went fishing, made a bunny hat, got a balloon, hunted for ducks.....and had fun!

and a post can't be complete without a picture with Channing in it :) Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy 29th

So this past weekend I celebrated my 29th birthday! I can't believe only one more year til the big 30! I am getting nervous! The week started with a birthday get together that my friend Emily put together. We just went to a restaurant called Cheddars and hung out. Our waiter was not really on top of his game or very polite, so it took a long time, but it was very kind of my friends to take time away from their families to celebrate my special day. I am lucky to have great friends.

Rachael, Brittany, Me, Candice, Emily, Michelle, and Natalie (Mitzi, Jamee, and Ruth were also there but happened to leave before I remembered a picture!)

On my actual birthday, I drove over to my moms house and my sister Natalie, my mom, and the kids and I went to lunch at Red Robin. It was tasty :) After I left the kids and I went to get Ragnar who had taken a half day at work and we enjoyed a day together. We used a spa gift certificate he had and I got a massage and we got pedicures and it was nice. Then we went to the galleria and ate dinner at the Cheesecake factory and then spent the night downtown at the Embassy Suites. It was a fun day. I was grateful that we got to spend some time together and that my mom was willing to take the kids.

When we got home it was Saint Patrick's we celebrated my birthday and the holiday together!

Ragnar bought me this new bedspread for my birthday. I have been looking for the perfect one forever, but decided I would never find the perfect one, so I chose this one and I like it.

It was a great is to one more year in my twenties!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Doll!

When Ella was born and as her personality developed I got more and more anxious the older she got at the amount of emotion and "girliness" that was wrapped up in her cute little body. She and I are very different. She cries at anything sweet or sad....even at the movie " The Lorax" yesterday she was crying silently at the few sad parts...I will admit... I was a little uncomfortable as those aren't emotions I can relate to! I love Ella and am excited to see her grow, but nervous about how to relate to what she is feeling as she gets older. So....when cute little Channing was born I thought....ok maybe she can be my little tomboy! far she is following right in her sisters footsteps. She is OBSESSED with her baby doll! Typically just one, but she loves them all. She just lights up when she sees her and just hugs her and hugs her and rocks side to side with a huge grin. It is so sweet to watch. I have never seen a little girl more in love with her doll.

On the flip side, when she is not holding her baby doll...I often find her in her brothers underwear drawer. Not sure why....but she also loves his underwear...doesn't care for Ella's just his??!! Maybe she is trying to keep me guessing about what kind of little girl we will get the joy of watching grow!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Houston Rodeo 2012

Being a TeXaN the majority of my life, we look forward to the rodeo coming around each year. The kids were getting all geared up and getting ready for the rodeo season. Grandma brought over hats that the kids enjoyed using to get into the spirit of the season :)

Channing was not too excited about keeping it on!

Much happier just hanging on mom!

Cavin didn't mind! He tried on them both!

On Monday afternoon I took Ella out of school early and we headed over to the "kids country" portion of the rodeo. We went over with my mom, sisters Natalie and Marisa, and Marisa's son Liam. We started on a few rides at the carnival!

Cavin laughed his guts out on this one!

Then we went over to "Fun on the Farm" where kids got to pretend they were real farmers.

They got a bucket...

Then planted a seed of the vegetable of choice

Then they milked the cows!

And when they were finished they earned a pretend dollar to spend on a treat. It was (I think) the kids' favorite activity.

After that we headed over to the "pig races" The kids got to watch cute little piggies run in a little circle. It entertained them for a few minutes.

Cute Liam and Marisa

The weather was great and it was fun to hang out with my mom and sisters. We had a good time...besides the kids whining from having to walk and lack of sleep ;) And this is how Channing felt about it....She is such a sweet baby!

The next night I went with a group of friends to the concert portion and much to my dismay we saw Enrique Iglesias. I was not too excited about seeing him, but it ended up being an entertaining concert and it was just fun to have a night out and hang with the girls. The one disappointment was how short the concert was...he sang for like 50 minutes. That was all. Oh well. It was still fun!