Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Bundle Of Joy!

Channing is now 5 months old and she has been such a fun addition to our family! She has slept through the night since she was 6 weeks old and is such a peaceful, good natured baby! I have been so lucky to get three wonderful kids!
Channing has recently been showing us more and more of her personality. She is always trying to roll and move and loves to jump in the jumperoo. She has a cute little giggle now and is always smiling or blowing bubbles. She has a big mouth and is always trying to eat whoever is holding her's nose or when the kids talk to her for some reason she always opens her mouth as big as she can in response. She has found her voice and man some days, although happy, she is loud! She also is obsessed with sucking her thumb....we will be starting a braces fund soon :) She is our red haired, green eyed charmer...never thought I would get the "strawberry blonde" child, but we sure wouldn't trade her!

Just chillin in my high chair!

Sweet Smiles!

Oh how I love my thumb!

Check out this mouth mom...getting ready for my braces :)

Bubble Blowin Time!

We sure do love you baby girl!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Round 2!

As you know, Ella started kindergarten this year and has absolutely loved it! However, due to the large amount of enrollment in Eagle Springs Elementary this year, they had to create a new 6th kindergarten class. They selected 3 to 4 kids from each class to create a new one. Ella was one of the "chosen" ones and started with a new teacher today....Mrs. Adams. We really liked her last teacher Mrs. Harper that she had for about a month, but Ella is a good sport and didn't care at all that she had to move classes, make new friends, and start with a new teacher. She has a boy she likes in her old class named Levi and I explained that he will now be in her old class...she just said mom it's o.k. I can still chase him at recess!! Oh my...I am not ready for my girl to grow up!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Visit from the Grandparents!

This past week we were privileged to get a visit from Ragnar's parents. They came and spent 6 days with us, and we had a nice visit. The kids were excited to see them as they don't get to come often. It was sad to have Ella at school for most of the day, but we found things to do when she came home. One day we went over to "Imaginations" and painted. The kids love to paint.

Here is Cavin concentrating on Lightening McQueen!

Here is our cute little thumb sucker. Who just enjoys being along for the ride!

Ella worked on Minnie with Oma

On Monday Ragnar, Hellmut, and Cavin went to Galveston to visit "The Galveston Railroad Museum" Hellmut loves trains, and that love has now passed through two more generations.

When he got home he kept telling me about the blue train


These two pictures make me laugh..I just love Cavins faces!

Here are the three generations before the big "boys day out!"

Opa meeting Channing

Oma playing with Ella, books and games!

Our little princess

Don't they look lovely :)

One of our other adventures.....Chucky Cheese!!! I think the men liked it as much as the kids!

We pretty much had the place to ourselves :) nice!

And of the reasons they meet our little 4 month old cutie!

She is such a happy baby!

Thanks so much for coming Hellmut and Ursula! We miss you already!