Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cache Valley

As we think about moving our little family to big city Houston, Tx we were sitting here thinking of things we love about little cache valley and here are our top 10 for the day! I'm sure we missed some!

10. The grass is so soft in Utah

9. The summer nights are so nice and cool

8. The Logan fireworks in July

7. First Dam has a lot of memories for us

6. Everything is super close

5. There are little city parades and holidays that only small towns do

4. Great places to hike and enjoy nature

3. Friendly people and great neighbors :)

2. Utah State University

1. Aggie Basketball

We have really loved it here and have great memories to last the rest of our lives.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wii Night

Making a fool of myself boxing!

Ella playing :)

Ian and Cavin chillin!

It's been a while since we have been able to have a fun night with our neighbors the MacNairs. Between us having a baby and then 6 weeks later them having a baby, we have said many hi and goodbyes, but we haven't really hung out. So, it was a treat to be able to hang out with our new boys and play the wii! We had some yummy pizza and then we took on the wii. Ragnar first got creamed by Tim in baseball and then slowly we moved on to boxing. Ella enjoyed the blocks and then trying to play (With her pretend remote of course....shhh!) The boys hung out in their car seat and bouncers, they had a good time enjoying life! We had fun and thank our neighbors for a fun night!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Bliss!!

This weekend we had the pleasure of having a whole weekend together as a family in Provo! Weekends together are a luxury at our home! Ragnar took off the weekend so we could go to our family reunion. We went to 7 Peaks water park and had a good time. It was nice and warm, but we had a rented pavilion so we were shaded and had plenty to eat. After the water park we cleaned up and went to Chili's with Marisa and Ethan and then hung out together at our hotel with my best friend Cameron! Sunday we went to church with Marisa and had lunch, then we had a nice visit with Oma Beck, Aunt Sheri and Uncle Dale, and then Sandra. We are grateful to have some extended family around! The absolute best part of the weekend is that the kids were GREAT! No naps, but still no tantrums, it was wonderful! I'm glad we had a chance to get away!We look forward to the day when EVERY weekend will be free of work!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We're Moving!!!

The time has come and gone and our life in Smithfield, Utah is soon coming to an end. After much fasting and prayer we have decided to sell our home and move to Houston, Texas. We are nervous and yet excited for the new adventure in our lives. Ragnar is applying at many jobs and we are putting our faith and trust in Heavenly Father that he will provide the opportunities our family needs. We feel it is time for our family to truly move forward and progress and we feel like we can't keep waiting for a job to come our way but move to where the market is strong. We will move as soon as the house sells and are excited to have some time next to my family. Even if it is a short period of time, we feel like the time is finally right and we look forward to the new experiences that will come. We will really miss our friends and family and thank them for all of their love and support. If you know anyone looking for a great townhome, let us know! The link for our visual tour is .....Texas here we come!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day!!

We had a nice independence day with a highlight visit from my sister Marisa and Ethan. On the third of July they do fireworks in Logan and we went to the USU hyper field to watch. We had a little bbq before with our friends the Stones and then we went over and played and watched the show! On the fourth of July of course Ragnar had to work and when he got home we went to the our next door neighbors parents and had another bbq and fireworks, it was a fun weekend. Ella still was happy in the car on the way home! She had fun running around, and Cavin got in the stroller and didn't make a sound until we made it home, some 4th of July huh! Anyway,we are grateful for our family and friends and for a wonderful country to celebrate!