Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cavin is Three!

So apparently Ragnar has already mentioned that Cavin is three and that he is wonderful, but I wanted to add a few pictures, even though my mom took most of them with her camera and none of ours worked well.

Here he is birthday morning....ready to start his special day.

Our birthday tradition of donuts for breakfast! Yum!

We had a relaxing day. Ella went to preschool and so Cavin and I came home and he wanted to make blue cupcakes and paint, so we did and then we went to McDonalds for our lunch date. He had fun playing in the play place. Then that night we had my mom, dad, sister Natalie, and my brother Corey's family over for pizza and cake.

Here are the cousins, but like I said the pictures are not great. He was excited to play games with his cousins, and we are so glad to have some family close. Thanks for all the birthday wishes for our sweet boy! I can't believe he is three! He is growing so fast :(

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Cavin!!!

Today marks 3 years that our little Cavin has joined us. It has been incredibly fun to watch him grow, learn and be with him over this time. He has such a fun personality that makes it impossible not to smile when he is around. His smile and actions just show what a nice child he is. He inherited his mother's concern for others and is always looking out for the well-being of those around him. He is quick to forgive and quick to hug if he knows he hurt someone's feeling. His ability to share shows his love towards his sister and the others around him. He always stands patiently at my side of the bed until I wake up and even if he has to wait, he smiles and just lets us know that he's awake and then he wants to just cuddle in bed and rub mommy's tummy.
Life without Cavin would be life without oxygen. We love you Cavin and hope that your 4th year is just as exciting and fun as your 3rd.
P.S. Lisa has all the pictures at home and I am sure we will post something after we celebrate with the extended family tonight!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Egg-Stravaganza

Each year our community does a Spring Festival and they have an Easter Egg hunt. I was excited that we were here this year and the kids could attend. They loved it. They had a petting zoo, games, crafts, and of course and Easter Egg Hunt. It may sound silly, but I really enjoy going with them.

They said their favorite part was the petting zoo. They loved the bunnies and there was even a kangaroo.

They weren't too smelly :)

There were a lot of people there, and they separated the hunts into age groups. Each was over in like 1 minute.

Here are my two little bunnies! We look forward to Easter, and if we are lucky we will have 3 little bunnies by then :)