Friday, May 25, 2018

End of Year Performances

The end of the year is such a busy time!! The kids all have plays, performances, award ceremonies, field days, etc! Channing began with her "Pajama Party" play.
She had a part and she rocked it! She was animated, loud, and clear! 
Her friend Mallory and her are in the same class together and will be again next year! 
Everything is always about Avery, her best friend. She loves to hang out with her! The play was cute and it was short and sweet which was perfect!

Cavin performed in the "Pirates" play a couple weeks later. 
He was a handsome pirate and played the part of purple beard. He only said one line but our quiet, shy boy actually was very loud and clear. It was great!!
The songs were pretty good and I was glad that this year I got to see two new plays since they usually reoccur each year and I've seen them several times between kids. 

That same evening I enlisted my mother who went to Ella's orchestra concert as I couldn't be at both and Ragnar was working.
My mom said she did a good job. 
She also had an awards ceremony for 6th grade the following week. 
She received an award for A/B honor roll, Super Reader from her reading teacher (no surprise there), and Excellence and Dedication in Science. I am glad she is liking school and hopefully she will use her smart brain and really learn to apply herself, because she has the ability to do great things!

Lastly, Ella had her piano recital. She performed the "Star Wars" theme song.
She did a good job and I hope this summer she will have more of a desire to practice :)

Ella is 12!!!

Birthday season wrapped up with Ella's 12th birthday. She had a full day of festivities. We woke up and had donuts together. 
Our family seriously loves donuts!
We did presents early so she could use some of them later at the pool :) 
She got a lava lamp, fins, an LOL doll, beanie boos, an amazon echo dot, design sketch books, and other fun gifts. 
We went out for a big lunch since she had her party later. She chose Olive Garden and ate LOTS of breadsticks! I'm afraid I gave my carb addiction to the kids!
That afternoon, she went with a few friends to celebrate her party at the pool as it was opening day. Jaemi, Evyn, Helen, Mackayla, and Addy came. She has some cute friends who are really smart and they are great at pushing her to be better!
She loves art, so we did a painting cookie cake. She loved it and the weather was perfect.  
The next day we celebrated again with my brother Chris who shares her birthday and my niece Charlotte whose birthday is a few days later!

Ella is an avid reader! Like, that is ALL she wants to do. She loves books and I cannot get enough for her fast enough. She is really picking up the cello and learning it quickly. Her piano has suffered this year, I think due to the fact that she is picking up a different instrument, but she still takes lessons. She has thrived in 6th grade and has transitioned well from elementary school. She is not very organized, but she is very creative. She loves to come up with ideas and has a sharp mind. She LOVES art and music and is always wanting to listen to music. She also loves to sketch and draw and right now wants to be an interior designer or fashion designer. She is a good kid and is a great big sister. 

Channing turns 7!

Channing has been very excited about her birthday! She loves to celebrate and have a party! She was able to go with some friends the weekend before her birthday to celebrate her! They went to Mudpie to paint and then we went for dinner and dessert at Chick fil A. 
The girls were SO giggly! They had a great time, but by the end I needed some silence! They loved to make each other laugh and smile. Ellie, Channing, and Avery painted a butterfly and Mallory chose a turtle. They are a cute group of girls! Channing has a good group of friends.
On her actual birthday a couple days later we got our usual donuts and she got enough to share with her class. Then after school her grandparents came over to have dinner with us at Culvers.
She LOVES  Descendants, so I attempted an Evie cake from the movie. She was thrilled even though it was just a simple cake. 
She was making sure we did everything right! 
Then we got to open presents. She asked for LOL dolls, a Hatchimal, an enchantimal, a nail salon kit, The Greatest Showman movie, and jewelry. 
Then her DREAM came true. On Saturday, I took her to get her ears pierced. She was so excited and has been asking for years. When we got to Claire's she got really nervous but braved it and only cried for like 30 seconds. 
She is our girly girl and is all about fashion so she picked glitter heart earrings!
She is growing up so fast!! She is 3'11 and 54 pounds. She is becoming quite a good reader and has become so much more confident this year. Her teacher has really helped her feel like she can do anything and she is outgoing and really blossomed. She loves anything regarding fashion, clothing, jewelry, makeup, and shoes! She enjoys dancing in ballet. She did Destination Imagination club this year. She learned to ride her bike, tie her shoes, and swim. She declared her 6-7th year as monumental! She is a great singer and loves to sing everywhere. She also is always talking, is a talented/creative artist, and has incredible handwriting. We love our orange headed girl and all the sass she brings to the family!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cavin's 10th Birthday!

Cavin Ragnar Hartzheim turned 10 years old on April 12, 2018!! He was pretty somber about his birthday. He was nervous it wouldn't be a good one as what he asked for, he knew was pretty expensive. We had been discussing that just because you don't get exactly what you want, that doesn't mean we don't love you! It's hard for a kid to understand sometimes. I was worried that I had passed some of my lack of love for birthday's on to him. I used to love birthday's when I was a child, so I really hoped that he could still enjoy them while he was young. All in all, I think the day ended up great, and he said he was really happy.
We began our day like any other Hartzheim birthday, with donuts! 
We had donuts and enjoyed some birthday facts about April 12th and then sent everyone off to school. Unfortunately I couldn't go have lunch with him, because they are doing state testing at school and he wasn't allowed to have any visitors at school. After school we hung out at the park until his dad and Grandparents came over.  
He was really anxious about his presents. All he wanted this year was James Harden shoes, and a Nintendo Switch. 
We were able to deliver on both, and he was so excited! Cavin is a quiet child, so if he shows any emotion, I am grateful to see it. I just wanted him to be excited and feel loved on his birthday. When he opened his present, the joy on his face was worth it. He was thrilled. 
We had a delicious bundt cake and we played on the switch and played MadGab and he got to stay up late playing games with Ragnar.
The next day was his birthday party. We were really stressing about the weather all week as it was supposed to have heavy rains. In Texas, heavy rains is not what you want to be out in! Thankfully Heavenly Father was kind to us, and the rain mostly held off besides and occasional sprinkle or two! 
The boys had fun playing flag football as that is all Cavin wanted to do for his party. They played hard and enjoyed the evening.  
Cavin loved us singing to him ;) haha 
He said he had a fun day, and he got this new game from his friend called Dunk Head and he had a blast when we played it together! 
We sure love Cavin. He is a gentle giant as we have always called him. He is very tough, but does not like to wrestle or rough house. He is very sweet with his brother and loves to hang out with him. He is very intelligent with math, and is on the Math Olympiad team at school. He get amazing grades and scored a 100 on his star state test. He just loves to learn. He is SUPER competitive and will sometimes resort to cheating to make sure he can win when he plays games. He loves to be outside right now playing football or basketball or baseball or kickball or whatever he can! He finally learned to ride his bike last month and I am proud of him for being tenacious and figuring it out. He is 106 pounds and 4'10 and 1/2 and he wears a size 8 shoe! The kid will be bigger than me by next year! He is always including others at school and I am grateful for his kindness and for cheering others on. He has done all three sports this year, soccer, basketball, and is now finishing flag football season. He still loves the color green and watching American Ninja Warrior. He is a great kid, and I am so grateful we get to call him our son! Happy 10th Birthday Chief! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A visit from Grandma Wall

This month continued to be busy and full of visitors as we had the privilege of having my Grandma Wall come to Texas. My dad flew to Utah to pick her up and they flew together to come visit us all in Houston. At just shy of 93, I am impressed she can go and do as she pleases still.
She is beautiful and still going strong! She is much more frail than the last time I saw her, but she is still mentally strong and is enjoyable to have a conversation with. We talked about books we both enjoy and how we like Hallmark movies and books that are mindless when we just want to relax such as Josi Kilpack books. She told me how she really dislikes her name Mabel and at one point she wanted a different name so bad that she said "just call me Sunshine" haha. I love that! 
She came to my home one afternoon and we had lunch and played like 20 rounds of Kings in the Corner. She loves games, just as I do. She got to see all the kids and spend a little time with them. 
My dad and Grandma have good, healthy genes, and I pray that I continue that legacy. I loved having a visit from her and although we mostly just ate and talked, it was great for her to be able to make the journey to us. I hope we can make it to Utah to see her again soon!

Ella's First Year at Camp Olympia!

In our Summerwood Stake, they have done girls camp during the end part of Spring break the past couple years. It has been so hot in the summers, that they were having trouble with heat strokes and such, that they opted for this option. Ella is a summer birthday and although she isn't 12 yet, she made the cutoff to be able to go. She was pretty excited. 
There were 11 girls from our ward that went and 7 of them were first years. They left bright and early Thursday morning. 
They made a stop at Sam Houston state park and went on a hike that was required for girls camp. 
Ella enjoyed the hike as she loves to walk. I just haven't gotten her to love running yet ;)
I would get random texts from my friends who were leaders about her progress. On Friday, I got a text from three leaders saying she had an amazing shot! She won the whole shooting competition. She shot bibi guns. I am not sure where she learned, because it definitely wasn't from me, but she was excited she had such a good shot!
She really enjoyed camp. The theme was "Sprinkle Kindness". She had a lot of fun and free time, unfortunately, there was a little bit of a lack of spirituality involved. She didn't know anything else though and she got home on Saturday at 11:00 p.m. She literally woke up for church and slept the rest of the day! She was exhausted from going to bed so late each night. I am glad she had the chance to go!

Spring Break 2018

I love Spring break! It is a great time of year and I love having a week with the kids. March has been crazy, but filled with lots of fun and exciting things. We started celebrating Spring Break a little bit early as the Rodeo and my brother Corey came into town.
Ragnar and I went to go see Thomas Rhett in concert one evening and I really enjoyed it as I love his music!

A couple days later, I took the kids out of school and we joined my parents and Corey and his 3 kids for the carnival and animal part of the rodeo.
We went to see the animals, and of course the pig races which I love.
The kids really enjoy "Fun on the Farm" where they get to pretend to be farmers.
The carnival at the end is always one of the highlights. The kids enjoy the rides and games!
Ella was so excited to have Madi with her.
Deacon won the "biggest fish in the pond" with one of the games and won this huge wolf/dog which he proudly carried and named Wolfie! It was great to see my brother Corey and his three youngest kids and the weather was perfect!
The next day we had football games, and Channing got to go to her best friend Avery's party and ride horses. She loved it! 

Sunday, we had Corey's family over most of the day and it was great to chat with him. Monday, we were supposed to go to the Woodlands resort for a couple nights, but it was cancelled due to the chiller weather we were having. It was beautiful outside, but would have been a little cold in a swim suit!
We improvised and went over to Burroughs park and played instead.
The kids played baseball and we had a picnic.
Cavin and Deacon were in heaven to have cousins and uncles to play sports with.
Grandpa and Grandma made smores which we enjoyed!
They also played football. 
Ella and Madi chatted and held cute Cai.
Charlotte, Emma, and Channing enjoyed playing at the park and in the sand.
We came back to Grandmas and watched a movie in their theater room after the kids were worn out.
We finished the day with a picnic on the porch. It was a gorgeous and fun day.
Tuesday, we went over to a place called BOOMERS. The kids could mini golf, do bumper boats, rock wall, or golf carts. They loved it and no one knew it opened early, so we had the place to ourselves the first couple hours!
Deacon was SO excited to be on the go cart with me and that his side had a steering wheel as well!
Ella was pretty nervous her first time!
And Cavin...was a reckless driver, just as I imagined he would be!
We did the bumper boats, but we got pretty wet from the squirters on them!
Caden and Ella showed us their rock climbing skills. 
Luckily, Ragnar got to join us for a couple hours and he played mini golf with the kids and I.
It took them FOREVER to serve us our lunch, but the kids were patient and enjoyed talking while we waited. We had a fun day!
That evening we went out to Saltgrass Steakhouse to have an adults dinner. We were missing Marisa and sad she couldn't come, but I loved having the rest of us together and I am so grateful my brother took the time to come visit! It was so nice to see him!

The last part of spring break we continued to have fun. Cavin FINALLY successfully figured out how to ride his bike! He has been trying, but balancing has been so difficult for him. I am so proud he worked for hours with Ragnar and figured it out. He has been practicing most days and is getting better and better. His body has so many bruises and scrapes, but he just gets up and keeps trying!
Channing was even able to pick it up and is now riding on her own. I know it seems like they are plenty old to have figured it out, but better late than never! I'm proud of them for continuing to try!

Thursday, Ella left for girls camp, which I will post separately about and we missed her. We had fun playing at the park though in her absence.
We went to the Rockets game that evening which was fun.
Deacon sure is a handful at games, but he loves going and cheering them on!
Friday was my 35th birthday. Man, that feels So old to say! My parents and sister Natalie came over and did a puzzle with me and played games, which I love. Then later in the afternoon, Ragnar came home early and we went all together to The Cheesecake factory for dinner. I love that place! It was delicious and I was so grateful that he took the time to get off during his busy season and that my parents could join. Birthday's aren't my favorite, but it was a nice day.
We had an awesome Spring break and the weather all week couldn't have been more perfect!