Tuesday, June 6, 2017

5th grade madness!

The last month of fifth grade is no joke at our school! They have SO many activities. They had two field trips, manners banquet, the living history museum, super kids day, a picnic, talent show, a choir concert, a musical, an awards ceremony and etc! It was such a busy month for Ella! It was so fun to see her elementary years come to an end and see her perform in so many things.
In her living history museum, she was Sacagawea. She did a great job memorizing her speech.
She then performed in her 5th grade musical and got the part of the wicked witch. She has been staying after school for a while for it and did a great job learning her lines. 
Isn't she adorable?!?
She did her parts well and sang her songs with grace. 
She acted like a natural actress up there!
She was so proud of herself for getting the part as they only had a few parts to give. 
I am really proud of her for trying out. 
The day after her musical she made the school talent show and performed the song "How Far I'll Go" from the movie Moana. 
Partway through her song the music cut out for a couple seconds and then came back on. With it cutting out she got off for a couple measures. She recovered well, but I think because of that she didn't place. She was super bummed. She really sang well and I felt like much better than many, but sadly it didn't turn out how she hoped. I was super proud of her though. She can just get up and perform and it is a gift!

Finally was awards ceremony. She cleaned up there! She got 9 awards! She got two awards for choir. A participation award, and a trophy for being in it for 2 years, a safety patrol award, the bibliophile award for her class (love of books), the Einstein wanna-be science award for her class, perfect attendance, S.O.A.R award for always making good choices, the A/B honor roll (she had one 89), and an award for her performance as the wicked witch in the play. She was constantly going to the stage and I was proud to be her mom.
She can hardly hold all her awards!
Proud mom!
And her proud father! I was so glad he had the day off and could come.
Naturally Deacon wanted a picture with his big sis!
Mrs. Reynolds was her teacher this year and she really liked her. I am grateful for good teachers. She was able to stay at Eagle Springs Elementary all of her Elementary years and it was such a good experience for her. She had amazing teachers who really helped her love learning and school. She is not always the best or the smartest, but she tries so hard and always wants to be involved and participate and I love her for that!! I look forward to seeing what wonderful things this young lady will accomplish.

Memorial Day!

Memorial Day was supposed to be a rainy mess. Thankfully it ended up just being overcast and we got to go out and play at my parents house. My parents bought kayaks and the kids were really excited about trying them out. 
I was a little worried about Cavin as he tends to not have coordination on his side, but he did a great job! Ella also did awesome, but did end up falling out trying to get off, no worries, she thought it was hilarious :)
Ragnar is good at most of these type of things and had a fun time trying to beat me up the lake ;)
Deacon always wants to be with Grandpa and had a fun time sitting in his kayak!
The pool is right across from the lake and so the kids got to swim as well. Ella found a little frog who became her best friend for a couple hours!
We had a great time. Sadly Chris' family was sick so the cousins couldn't join, but we enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to having this fun option to do while at grandma and grandpas.

For the love of music!

Ella has always loved music, a trait I think she got from her father. She has been playing the piano again this year and is getting better and better. We are still working on her taking time to practice, but hopefully that habit will develop. She had her piano recital and played two songs "Melody" by Ferdinard Beyer and "Ode to Joy" by Ludwig Van Beethoven. She did a great job playing and I am always impressed by her desire to get up and do her thing!
Ella also had her end of year choir concert at her school. She has participated in her choir for two years and has enjoyed singing. 
They sang songs like "Sing", "Uptown Funk", "Don't You worry about a Thing", "The Composers are all on Facebook", and "See you again". Her choir teacher is Mr. Whorton. I enjoy listening to them perform and I am so glad she loves music.

Pinewood Derby Time

Ella and Cavin participated in their church's pinewood derby. It was the first time for both of them. We went over to grandpa Speers' house and he and Ragnar helped cut the wood for their cars. They decorated and painted them there and were excited. 
Cavin participated the week before Ella with his cub scout troop. He unfortunately didn't have the best time. He is so competitive and so when his car came in last almost every time, he left in tears. We will have to do our best to make sure we up our pinewood derby game! We definitely need to add weights!
Ella had a MUCH better experience. We learned a couple things from Cavin's and made hers heavier. She did pretty well. She was most concerned about how her car looked. She was hoping to get the award for the Cutest car and she did!! That made her night!!

Zoo Days

Deacon and I have had a fun time with all our one on one time while the kids are at school. Before school got out we went over to the zoo with some friends to see the animals.
I sure love having my buddy with me.
He loves to make noise!
Can you tell who it is ;)
He was  talking to the monkeys.
Then at the end he decided he was brave enough to go to the petting zoo and pet the animals there. It was nice to get in a day before it gets really hot. We always have to stop at the sea lions at the end. Those are his favorite, because he loves water!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ella is ELEVEN!!!

This weekend Ella turned 11! I can't believe how fast time has flown by. We celebrated last weekend with my family since my brother has the same birthday as Ella.
On her actual birthday we had birthday breakfast donuts and then her aunt Daphne came to surprise her for lunch!
We brought her Culvers and cookies for her class.
After school we had cookie cake and opened her presents. 
She got a tower for her beanie boos, an Ipod, a fidget spinner, a Boogie board, legos, lots of different art supplies, a cd, and several other things. 
Her Grandma Speers, Natalie, Daphne and the kids and I celebrated as Grandpa and Ragnar were both unavailable. 
After cake and presents, we left the younger two kids with a babysitter and went to Olive Garden for dinner. Then, we went to the Toyota Center for the playoff game of the Rockets vs. Spurs. What are the odds that your son and daughter would both have a game scheduled on their birthdays. So, we wanted to be with dad as much as we could! Ella really likes to go to the games as well. She was excited as I let her get icecream.
Dad came and watched the last quarter with us!
She was SUPER excited to be with her aunt Daphne. We were so grateful that she took the time to come to town. Sadly the Rockets did not win :(
Saturday we went out to ride bikes and then came to the pool for the first visit of the season.
When we got back, we had dinner and then Daphne had a great idea to try out the projector and watch a movie outside since the weather was beautiful!
It took a little bit of work getting it going, but we had a fun evening! We love Ella and we are so glad she is our oldest child. She is a great example to her siblings. She is very intelligent and loves to learn. She is very good at school and loves to be the best she can there. She also is still always reading. When she doesn't have a book, she is listening to music. She is very brave and tried out for several parts at school this year and got a couple of them. She will be performing as the wicked witch in her school play, and in her talent show in the next couple weeks. I am proud of her for looking to increase her talents. We love who she is becoming!!

School House Rocks!

Cavin had his 3rd grade musical this week and they performed "School House Rocks". He was excited and a little nervous as well. 
Our cute guy. 
Cavin sang a couple songs and was nervous to have to "dab" because it embarrassed him, but he did it and made it through. I'm proud of him. He is a good kid.