Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas Break!

We had a very full and fun couple weeks off of school for the kids for Christmas break. Ragnar's parents flew in to spend some time with us and help his sister Daphne move into her new home. We love their visits and the kids were really excited.
A couple days before the break began, I made a quick, spontaneous trip over to Baton Rouge. Daphne was a little anxious about her walk through for her new home, and I wanted to be there to support her.
It was a crazy day and it snowed! I must bring weather, because one time when we came we brought a flood and this time snow! Rare weather occurrences! Her house is beautiful and I was glad for a day to hang out with her!

After that weekend Ragnar's parents got here on Wednesday. We enjoyed visiting with them and hanging out. On Thursday we took the kids out of school early and went over to the Aquarium.
We all fit in the car and I got to hang out with the girls in the back!
We saw the exhibits and the white tiger was pretty cool!
Ragnar had a client there who got us free rides and exhibit passes so the kids were in heaven!
There was not a single person in the place but us!
We went on a Ferris wheel ride. 
Then Oma had a turn on the carousel. She is always entertaining!
We ate a nice dinner there.
After dinner we headed over to see "Magical Winter Lights" at Gulf Greyhound Park.
It was a really cool venue. There were lights everywhere and we really loved it!
The had different countries depicted.
Our sweet kids!
The kids and I love Houston!
They even got to ride on these cool motorized dinosaurs in one of the exhibits.
We watched these Chinese performers which were pretty talented.
Then we visited Santa.
Lastly, Channing's dreams came true as we found Anna and Elsa. She was delighted to meet them. We had a great time and I am so glad we got to go with his parents there.
Friday Ragnar had to work all day and night so we took a slower day of hanging out. Hellmut and Ursula went to Channing's school party which she was thrilled about.
Later we decorated cookies and played games!
I love making sugar cookies!

Saturday morning we headed over and watched Cavin play in his first basketball game.
He did great. We did some things around the house and then went over to IKEA to shop.
We ate dinner there for free which was nice and went over to the Toyota Center for the Rockets game. The weather was not great as it was stormy and rainy, but thankfully we can park in the garage.
Ragnar loves to take his parents to the games as he feels like it gives them a little taste of what he does for a living. 
The Rockets won and we had a fun time watching together.

Sunday Hellmut and Ursula left for a week to go help Daphne move in, so we did some of our own activities. 
The kids are big into playing "Sardines" right now where you hide and when you find them you hide with them until everyone finds you. Well, they really really wanted to play with me. I told them I am pretty good at hiding, but I played along anyway warning them that I would not come out til I was found. Well....25 minutes later when they still hadn't found me, Ragnar got home from work and let them know where I was. Haha, it was pretty fun even though I felt bad they got a little scared looking. I was in the cubby in Deacon's room where there is a little attic space.
Ragnar played another night with us and hid Deacon ;) haha!
The kids and I went over to my parents and dipped pretzels and put a puzzle together one day which was nice and relaxing.
We couldn't leave until the puzzle was finished! Success!
Thursday night we had Ragnar's work party at the Aquarium again. They closed the Aquarium for the night and we got to have unlimited food and rides and we enjoyed the company.
We went on the Ferris Wheel and the train ride! 
It's been a long time since his work has done a work Christmas party since the previous owner was Jewish, but it was fun to have one this year!
Friday night we went to another Rocket's game. Ragnar had been gone all but one night this week as they had a 7 game home stretch, so we went to his work to hang out with him! This time they lost.

Saturday we had over my brothers family, Natalie, and my parents and we tried out our projector and watched the Polar Express outside on the trampoline. It was one of the rare cold days in Texas so some of the kids didn't last long, but the ones who survived drank hot chocolate outside. It was fun.
 All bundled up!
Christmas eve we went to my brothers house and had soup and did the Christmas puppet show that they like to do.
I'm glad the big kids still entertain us!
All the cute cousins!
Late Christmas eve, Daphne and Ragnar's parents came back. They had a flat tire, so coming back from Baton Rouge wasn't as smooth as they would have liked, but we were super grateful they were there for Christmas morning!
 We woke up early and the house was ready!
Ella was excited about her tepee, Shopkins, squishes, card board boxes ( i know right??), slippers, and a bunch of other random things.
Deacon was adorable and would say "This is just what I wanted!!" after every present. He got a huge Lightening McQueen, paw patrol things, a pitching/bating thing, a mack truck, and a ride on motorized tricycle.
Channing was really excited about her Baby born doll she wanted. She named her Ashley. She also got a mostly "Descendants" movie Christmas with dolls, books, sketching pads, toothbrush, everything Descendants! She also got a puppy that makes noises she named Clover.
Cavin got lots of Legos, a robot kit, wii games, and he was really excited he got a kindle.
She's looking good!
Here are the kids with their favorite toys.
Our families annual favorite things photo!
Our first Christmas in America with Hellmut and Ursula!
We were so glad that Daphne could join us as well.
We got to have a nice Turkey dinner with my parents and Natalie.
 It was a nice Christmas.
We are grateful for the memories made. We had one more day they were here that we hung out and closed out the trip at Culvers. We loved having Hellmut and Ursula and really wish we could see them more often! I'm so glad they came.
We finished out the break by going to see "The Greatest Showman." We loved it and have been listening to the music nonstop!
We put together a lot of Legos from Christmas and enjoyed being cozy inside with all the cooler weather we are having!
It was a great Christmas break! I am so glad we had time with family and everything went well. The only catch was I had a little allergies/cold for a few days, but when the weather goes from 80's to 40's that is what you get. We are looking forward to 2018!