Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Visit from the Toothfairy!

This week was a first for our family. We had a visit from the toothfairy! Ella went to the dentist and she had a tooth growing behind the other one. Unfortunately the tooth in front was not at all wiggly, so the dentist had to pull the front two bottom teeth. I have to admit...I was sad. I didn't want her first tooth gone to be pulled, and I don't want her to grow up and lose the cute baby teeth and hit the goofy teeth stage! Regardless, here is her new smile, even though it looks like only one tooth is missing! :)

Here is one of her teeth...I know you were dying to see it!

Here is her toothfairy treasure box...she got $2! Obviously since it is so small just the teeth were in the box...not the money!

And how can I include a post without the other two munchkins!

Here are the cuties before bed!

I am sure lucky to have these three kiddos!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monster Truck Rally!

Saturday night Ragnar took Cavin on a father/son date. Cavin had been anticipating this date for 3 weeks and was so excited to go to see the Monster trucks! Every morning he would wake up and tell me how many more days until he got to go on his fun date! I was a little skeptical with how much fun he would have because he is pretty young and it would be loud and long. Ragnar said however that he did awesome. He said he had so much fun and they had a great time together!

In the car about to head out....Cavin was so happy!

They went down with a group of people and Cavin was excited to have some boys to go with! They had pit passes, so they got to go see all the cars before the show.

Here are a few of the kids!

It couldn't be an event in Texas without a cowboy!

Cavin told me that Grave Digger was his favorite truck! (Kind of a scary choice if you ask me!)

They got to eat dinner and Cavin was loving life!

One truck tipped over but Cavin told me not to worry because he was ok!

Thank heaven for the ear plugs!

Cavin is still talking about the Monster Trucks today...they had a great time together....only problem is the couldn't find the car afterward, so they got home at 11! Cavin was a little zombie-like at church!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

100 Days!

I am excited to say that Ella has made through 100 days of school! Today the kindergarteners celebrated their first 100 days! Each child had to make a shirt with 100 objects on it. Naturally Ella chose beads and jewels! Here is the shirt we made for her! She sure does love school!

Let me tell you how much I loved hot gluing each piece :)

She came home and announced she had the best day ever! She got popcorn and 100 snacks in a bag, she made a 100 hat, they went to each kindergarten class and as she stated...they didn't even learn today...they just had fun! Aren't we sure glad we send them to school! haha!