Monday, June 26, 2017

Speers Family Reunion 2017- Destin, Florida!

Fun in the Sun!!! June 17th through June 24th was our 3rd Speers Family reunion. We made the 9 hour drive to Destin, Florida to start our adventure.
The car was loaded and the kids did amazing on the drive. Channing did ask every so often how much longer, but she was just so excited!
We left at 6:30 a.m. and got to Destin at about 4:00 p.m. 
This was our rental home for the week of vacation. It was a great home with a short walk to the beach. Saturday night the kids jumped in the pool and played and then we got settled in. Sunday we went over to church and then we relaxed and played games and later in the afternoon/evening we took a stroll on the beach.
The sand was white and beautiful. The water was much prettier than the Galveston ocean by us, but it wasn't near as blue as I expected. Likely due to the storm that had come through and was again brewing.
Our family was pretty excited to be there!
On Monday morning we headed to the beach to play!! We got to play in the water and the kids got to experience the big waves. It was a fun morning. In the afternoon some of us went over to jet ski for a little while.
Cavin and Ella took a turn with Ragnar and then I took Ella out. The instructor gave me plenty of comments about me driving. As if a girl can't drive!! I showed him! HAHA
We had a really fun time!! If I had known that Monday was going to be our only day to get in the water I would have brought the two youngest kids to.
Monday night the rain came and the tropical storm Cindy started rearing her ugly head! So because of the rain and wind, Tuesday we headed over to the Air Force museum.
Deacon loves planes so he thought it was pretty cool!
Our family on board and ready to go! :)
It was a fun museum. That afternoon we went with all of the rest of Destin to the movie theatre to see Cars 3. The kids enjoyed it and we had a nice time.
Wednesday we played bingo and Minute to Win it games with the family. I think they enjoyed the prizes and I know our family loves games.
Bingo, Bingo!!
The storm brought lots of wind, we tried to just play on the beach and dig and look for sea shells.
Madi, Ella and Channing
Marisa and her cute family went for a dip in the pool!
Ragnar did several tricks with the boys to keep them occupied. Many slow mo videos were made ;)

That evening the girls who are about the same age, Channing, Emma, Charlotte, and Aubrey had a sleepover. I probably should say a "talk over" since it took a while for them to fall asleep!
Aunt Chira was sweet and read them a bedtime story!
Some of the older kids watched a movie in their bunk room.
Thursday we took some pictures as a family. Here are just a few I snapped. We were hoping to take family pictures on the beach but with all the rain it wasn't going to happen.
Here is the whole crew. 
All 16 grandchildren.
The grandkids with their grandparents.
We went over to the beach and got a shot as a family ourselves. It was super windy, grey, and the waves were pretty high!
 Me and my lovely mother!
After some pictures we went over to the Destin Fishing and History Museum. It was a very small museum but we had it basically to ourselves.
The shark didn't get us! 
After the museum we walked over to the boardwalk and checked out the stores. 
We came home and jumped back in the pool, we spent a lot of time in the pool since the coast guard wouldn't let us in the water. 
Marisa gave herself some awesome George Washington hair!
Madi and Ella had a great time hanging out together all week. She was so excited to have a girl cousin around!
After our pool party, we watched a movie together and then waited for the fireworks to start. They were super short, but we had a great view from our porch.
Friday was our last day and THANKFULLY tropical storm Cindy had mostly left by then. We were able to see the sun! We went over to the beach and played in the sand!
We had a private beach, so it was usually pretty empty! It would have been awesome if we didn't have to just stare at the waves!!
We dug and played in the sand and made the best of it though!
Two cute beach babes!
I love these 4 kids of mine! They did great on the trip!
It was nice to have Ragnar with us all week!!
Cousins are the best!
I was so glad I got to be with my 2 brothers and 2 sisters this week. I love them and the time we get to be together!
My sisters and I!
I like this picture of my dad! He is a great man!
The twins endured the craziness all week! Some of the girls went shopping in the afternoon and we just relaxed and enjoyed the last evening together and the rest of the icecream ;)
We really did have a great trip, despite the very unfortunate weather. It was a major bummer to have to cancel some of our boat outings and the dolphin watch, but I am glad we had the time together and everyone was healthy and safe! I truly have a wonderful family and I am so grateful for each and every one and for the memories made! We have a lot to be thankful for and I am so so grateful that my parents make these reunions every 2 years a priority. We really look forward to them! Until next time, peace out Florida, I hope you bring better weather to the next vacationers!

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