Monday, April 18, 2016

Bluebonnets 2016

We love to see the bluebonnets in Texas each year. I love getting a picture with each of the kids as it is 3 of their birthdays around the time of the bluebonnet season and I get to compare each year how much they have grown. This year we were a little late in the season, but there were still a few left. We didn't get as many good pictures, but here are this years shots.
 Our beautiful Ella!
Can't believe she will be 10 in a couple weeks!
 Cavin had a suit on because he was taking part of his baptism pictures.
So handsome!
Channing was not interested in pictures but we got a few!
She has so much personality, and is rarely quiet, but we sure love her!
Our blue eyed baby Deacon!
He is so adorable. He was not easy to keep in one place. At one point while I was taking another child's photo, he came sprinting down the hill. He has a nice roll to finish it off..good thing he's tough!
And finally..
This is the best shot we got :/ Not the best, but the sun was shining and we at least documented another year in the beautiful Texas flowers.

Cavin is EIGHT!

Cavin turned 8 years on April 12, 2016 and hit a big birthday at our home. He was so excited to be turning 8. He loves birthdays and we were so glad we got to celebrate him. 
We started the day off with donuts! Our birthday tradition!
Then of course he had to catch a little sports center before school started ;)
He went to school and his grandpa and grandma Speers came to have lunch with him. He was glad they were there. They brought him McDonalds and icecream.
When he got home we ate his favorite meal, taquitos for dinner and opened presents. He got a trampoline basketball hoop we put together!
Practicing his fall away shot!
Per his request we bought him a red velvet bundt cake which was delicious!
It was a simple day as we are saving most of our celebration for his baptism celebration this weekend, but I hope he had fun! 
Here are some tips about Cavin:
He weighs: 78 lbs
He is 55 inches tall
His favorite color is green
His favorite foods are: ritz cheese crackers, macaroni and cheese, chicken sandwhiches, and jello with whip cream!
His favorite thing is still numbers and his favorite present was his watch which he doesn't ever want to take off.
He loves soccer still and plays as much as he can, but also loves to watch the Rockets play basketball. Whenever a game is on, he has a very difficult time sleeping.
He is a great student. He is especially good in math. He has a very strong, silent type personality. He is often expressionless, but he smirks when he is happy. He loves minecraft, clash of clans, and mario brothers.  
He is an amazing big brother, especially to his little brother. We sure love having him be a part of our home!