Friday, July 29, 2011

The "Greatest Show On Earth"

This past weekend our family went to "Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baileys circus". It is supposedly the greatest show on earth....and...although that statement is debatable, we had a good time. The circus was a little over my kids heads as they don't appreciate the strength or difficulty of the acts, nonetheless they had a fun time being together as a family! Ella said her favorite part was the acrobats on the rings, and Cavin like the motorcycles and tigers! For me, the motorcyclists were giving me a heart attack with seven motorcycles in one little metal ball, I thought for sure if one goes down, they were all going to crash! We had a fun day and we are glad we got to spend another day together!

The kids loved that there was white tigers too!

We can't leave out Channing, she slept in her car seat pretty much the whole usual :)

Afterward we went to eat and watched a movie...I had to add these last two!

I just love her smile!

We feel super lucky to call these three healthy kids ours!

The Boy With Many Faces

I seriously could watch Cavin all day long! He has the funniest facial expressions! I just love them! Here are some that just make me laugh. This was all in a matter of a couple minutes of trying to get him to make a "real" smile face. He is has such a fun personality.

Saying "cheese!"

I think we finally got a somewhat "real" smile...silly kid is going to be a jokester!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Creativity

This weekend we got to have some fun family time. Friday Ragnar had off of work, so we took the kids to a place called Imaginations and had them pick out something to paint. Cavin picked a mickey mouse and Ella a rainbow. They love to do art. At home they color for hours! We had a fun time. Later we spent the afternoon with grandma and grandpa, and my sisters and then Ragnar had a sleepover with Cavin and Ella. Channing and I happily slept upstairs in our own beds! We all watched "Tangled" and had popcorn before they slept on the air mattress downstairs. Saturday I took Ella shopping to try and find her some school clothes and shoes, but we had little success, so we will go again. Sunday was my dad and brothers birthday and we went over Monday to join in the celebration at Red Robin! We were sad Corey is now moved so he couldn't be with us. I hope they both had a great birthday.... We sure do love having Ragnar home for long weekends! We have to cherish them before the season starts (or at least we hope the season starts!)

Let the painting begin!

I helped, but only a little :)

Ragnar and Cavin working on his masterpiece!

Movie and a sleepover!

I love watching their faces during movies!

Here is little Miss Channing who is a happy little lady!

She is starting to smile and we love it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Simplicity

This summer has been pretty slow. We are not going anywhere on vacation, we are just enjoying the last summer before Ella starts school. We placed a bid on a home in Eagle Springs, but it was a silent auction and we found out we were out bid. We will keep on looking, but hopefully it won't take two more years for me to find one I like! The kids have been great. They have such good imaginations, that it isn't too unbearable to play indoors because unless you are at the pool, it is way too hot! We try and go to the pool a few times a week, but it is super hot for everyone, especially Channing. We have enjoyed my sister who has been here for a majority of the summer, and of course we love going to grandmas house!

Here are my "super spies" as they call themselves

Don't you just love their attire and their marker sword :)

Ella and Cavin really do just love to play together and they love the ipad! I'm glad they have each other for a little longer before Ella is gone all day!

And this is how our sweet little channing spends her life. Sleeping! Of course, her brother and sister always give her a toy in hopes that she will be playing with them soon! She is smiling and cooing now so that is fun. I love our little family, and we have enjoyed Ragnars summer rotation of getting every other Friday off.