Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

My favorite thing to do every year is get family pictures. While I don't enjoy the preparation and finding something for everyone to wear, or the anxiety that comes with making sure everyone is rested and happy, I love the end results. I love to see pictures of my kids and how much they have grown each year. I am so grateful for our family. Here are some of my favorite shots.
Sweet Ella
My Handsome Cavin
Our sassy "orange head"
Cute little Deacon
This is a face we see so often. He is so excited about everything!
Our Family!
Some candids
Me and one of my sweet boys
Cute girls
11 years later
The cute gals!
Hartzheim Boys!
I am so grateful I have eternity with this family of mine. They truly are the family I dreamed I would have.

October Fun!

October is always a little busy around our house as Ragnar starts up the Rockets season and the holidays begin. The kids and I enjoy getting ready for Fall. This month started with a trip from Daphne for the kids church Primary program. We were so grateful she took the time to come. 
The girls are always glad when Daphne comes for church because she curls their hair so pretty! The kids did great in their program and it went well as a ward primary presidency.
The next week we painted pumpkins for FHE as we prefer that to carving.
They each were definitely different and I enjoy seeing their creativity.
Cavin had to make a pumpkin of a character in a book for school as well. It was a family project and we chose "The Tickle Monster" book. My kids have loved that book since my best friend Stacey introduced them to it. 
Ella also got to go on her fourth grade field trip all the way to Austin, Texas to see the state Capitol and a couple museums. I was nervous for her to go that far alone. They had big greyhound buses they took them on fed them and such and she had a blast! I mean she talked about it for days. I am so glad it was such a positive experience for her. 
As for Halloween this year. We were a little less than enthusiastic. The kids were indecisive about what they wanted to be and I was all for keeping it simple. Cavin decided to be a basketball player and I was glad because he had everything and Deacon was one as well. I much prefer spending money on something they will use again! Ella wore her dance recital costume and Channing her birthday dress of Sophia! It worked out well!
 Ella as a princess ballerina.
 Cavin was James Hardin
 Channing was Sophia the First
And...Deacon was a handsome basketball player.
I sure love these kiddos! We went to the Trick or Treat in the suites at the Toyota Center and it was packed this year. We had fun though and then we hurried to our ward trunk or treat and caught the end. Then on Halloween it was raining. It slowed down so I took the older three kids with some friends out to trick or treat, but it was kind of a dreary day. Another Halloween in the books!