Monday, February 27, 2017

A sad day!

Two weeks ago tonight, on February 13, 2017 as I was driving home from Cavin's football practice I was in a bad car accident. I was stopped at the stop light on Will Clayton about to turn right onto timber forest. As I was stopped a Land Rover plowed into me and then hit us so hard we were pushed into a large pickup truck in front of us. Having never been in an accident, I wasn't sure what to expect. Channing was in the back seat on the passenger side, Ella was in a row in front of her, and Deacon was behind me in a seat on the drivers side. Cavin and Ragnar were coming home from practice about 10 minutes later and were in a different car thankfully. The impact of the car was so quick and so hard that I didn't even know we were hit until we were sandwiched between two cars. Poor Channing being in the back got the brunt of it. She was so scared that she came running to me in the front seat. Ella was scared because Channing was hysterical and Deacon just kept saying "oh wow that's a big bonk, our car is broke". We were able to drive the car around the corner to the parking lot and get out of traffic and we waited for the police there. Laura the driver of the Land Rover admitted fault and claim for the accident. She said she just looked down for a minute, which I find hard to believe since she was approaching a stop light at full speed, but she apologized over and over. The lady I was pushed into in front of me was in a brand new big truck so neither of their cars you could tell hardly had any damage on them. My poor car on the other hand was smashed.
I was surprised at how well the car held up from the impact. Channing was right where she could have been really injured. The trunk glass shattered and didn't even cut her, and the trunk bent in until right behind her back. It was a miracle she had not even a scratch.
I really am so glad everyone was ok. I do feel like we were protected and I am forever going to be grateful. There however is a major part of me that is devastated about our car. It was completely totaled.  It only had 35,000 miles on it and it was such a great car for us. We only had a few more months until it was paid off and we could have driven it for 10 years with no car payments. I am so frustrated that now with the settlement from the value of the car it does not cover near enough to buy a new car, so we had to get another loan for several years. I was really really looking forward to having no car payment and using that money for something else. 
Here is the last time I saw the car at the wrecker yard. I tried to take a picture of the good side of the car since most of the damage was on the other side. I will certainly miss this 2013 Toyota Sienna. 
After much deliberation, we ended up not buying a 3rd Sienna and switching to the Honda Odyssey. I have always loved Siennas, but I was not to fond of the new model. They changed the motor and the dashboard design and I really just knew I would keep comparing it to the one I had before. So, we decided to go completely different. I really do dread change. I am trying to be excited about a new car, but right now I still just miss my old one. Yet in the words of my wise daughter "You can replace a car, but you can't replace a Channing". I will always remember that, because there are no truer words.