Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ella is 9!!

Ella turned 9 this year and we did a lot of celebrating. We went out on a few occasions to try and celebrate her birthday and make her feel special. We went out the weekend before her birthday since we would be gone the weekend right before her birthday. First was mother daughter pedicures.
We only go once a year but she sure loves it! 
I didn't have my first pedicure til the week before I got married! Someone's spoiled ;)
Finished product..Feeling fresh!

On her actual birthday she had her cousins and Grandma/Grandpa and 2 Aunts come to celebrate with her. She had a solo in her musical to perform, so it was kind of a frazzled evening!
We had a quick dinner of potatoes and strawberries which is her favorite, and then went to the school to watch her 3rd grade"School House Rocks" musical...We needed something to make the time!
 I would have been so nervous, but she was ready!
Cute, silly girls
She sang "Interplanet Janet" and did a great job! I was so proud of her. She told me she wanted to try out, memorized the words in just one day, tried out and got the part. She sang beautifully. Honestly though, even if she had sung terribly, I would have been so proud of her. That is something I could never done at her age, probably not even now! She has a goal and is not afraid to accomplish it!
 Here she is rockin out!
After the musical everyone came back to the house and had cookie cake and we opened presents. She has loved cookie cake since I got it for my birthday a couple years ago. She got a bike, pokemon cards, clothes, walkie talkies, a beanie boo, a karaoke machine, lego friends, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. Those are the things she is mostly into right now.
The weekend after her birthday, she got to invite 2 friends to go out. 
We went to "Mud Pie" and painted a craft. She invited Elaine and Jaemi
Ella couldn't decide what to paint, but finally chose an owl! 
She wasn't speedy, but had fun! We went to Chick fil a for lunch and icecream afterward. She had her wellness check and she is 50.5 inches tall (a whopping 1/4 in taller than her brother) and 82 lbs. She is a wonderful oldest child and a great example. She loves to read and can read so incredibly fast that I don't believe she read the book until she relates every detail of the story. She does great in school and always wants to try new things and be the best. Her English teacher challenged her to recite a poem that is 2 pages long from memorization and she has no problem taking the challenge. It's only been a few days and she's memorized the first page. She always wants to be obedient and please us and her teachers. She is not a quitter. She learned how to ride her bike this year, and she is teaching herself piano...I need to get her a teacher. She is thoughtful and kind and loves having her cousin Caden here in Texas now. She is a great kid, now if I could only train her to clean up after herself we would be set!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

9 months!!

Deacon is now 9 months old! Just as in his 5 month picture, he spent it on an airplane flying to visit his Aunt Daphne for graduation!
He did well on the flight, but not as great as when he was 5 months...the older they get the harder they are on flights :)
We went to the LDS temple and had a picnic and this boy just loves being outside. Whenever he is crying and won't calm down, I take him outside.
His siblings just love every minute of him. Ella and Cavin always try and beat each other in the car getting out for school on who gets to give him the most kisses and hugs.
It's always so sweet to hear Cavin whispering in his ear every morning as he is about to get out of the car, "I'm gonna miss you all day, I can't wait to get home from school to see you again. I love you so much". Melts my heart every time...I sure hope they are always this close!
Daddy likes to take pictures of cute little man at church ;)
 He has 4ish teeth, 2 on bottom, and 1 and a half on top :)
His cousin Crew who is 5 months younger than him moved to Texas...they are gonna be buds! That is if Deacon doesn't squish him first!
Our little guy looks so cute it hats! Still a little big, but such a happy little stud!
Deacon LOVES balloons! He gets so excited when he sees one!
 He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth as he has been teething.
He is a good eater. He sleeps from about 7 pm-6:30am. He puts himself to sleep now. He still loves his binki. He takes 2 naps and still won't crawl or roll much (except in his crib where he always is on his tummy)..he sits in one spot and reaches as far as he can to get his toys. He's gotten pretty flexible. He loves his siblings and Grandpa, but most everyone else he will smile at but doesn't want much else to do with right now. We love watching him grow!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Daphne's Graduation!

This past weekend we got to go to Utah and celebrate Ragnar's sister's graduation. She got her PHD from Utah State University and we were super excited for her diligence in finishing and all the hard work she put into it. Ragnar's sisters Sandra and Pamela were there along with Ragnar's parents, Ursula and Hellmut. In true Hartzheim fashion...there are a million pictures, so I will only post some of the hundreds ;)
 Here she is the night before. 
Ursula never disappoints. This is the sign she had made to hold up at her graduation!
 Standing on the "A" is a must at Utah State University!
Old main!
She looks so pretty!
Wahoo! She's finished!
 Deacon was enjoying Utah grass! SO much softer than Texas grass!
 Won't be long until he's graduating to ;)
Family picture...minus the 3 children we left in Texas.....
I know graduation pictures are for Daphne...I just couldn't get enough of this blue eyed, cute chubby cheeked boy!
The parents
We got to Logan Thursday night and on Friday afternoon was graduation for the Masters and Doctorate candidates.
Here she is walking in!
The proud mother!
We got through some of it ;)
 Almost time to walk the stage...
Here are all the people who were able to be here for her! We had a fun BBQ that evening to celebrate and it was at a beautiful house with a beautiful view of Cache valley.
The next morning we went for a short walk/hike until it started raining.
 Enjoying the Utah weather and scenery.
Love this picture of Ragnar's dad Hellmut.
 Deacon loves being outside.
Great picture to sum up the short weekend. We got to spend it with his family, celebrating a wonderful accomplishment. We were so grateful to my parents for watching the other kids so we could go. We were also so glad that Daphne allowed us to join in her celebration and we got to see Ragnar's family. Deacon got to meet his grandparents and although he didn't have a lot of time to warm up to them, I was so glad they got to meet their grandson. We are so proud of Daphne and look forward to having her closer as she accepted a position to teach in Baton Rouge at LSU!