Monday, August 27, 2012

Ella's First Day of First Grade!

Here is Ella before the first day of First grade!
Her silly brother and sister are going to miss her!
Here is where she will spend her next year!
This is her new teacher, Mrs. Petzold. This will basically be her "mom" for the next year! I hope she loves her! I am already missing her. The home is not the same without her, but she loves to learn and so I am glad she is excited to be there! Happy First Grade!

Dallas Cowboys

This weekend we had the opportunity to go up to Dallas and and fulfill Ragnar's dream ;) He has been a Cowboys fan since he was little. In Germany they don't have football, so his Aunt who lives in Dallas always sent him Cowboys stuff and since all he could watch in Germany was the Superbowl, he grew attached to the Dallas Cowboys. Since they built the stadium a couple years ago he has always wanted to go. His boss Rob and his wife Robyn invited us to come down and go with them. So, we dropped the kids by my parents who have always been so gracious to watch them and we headed for Dallas. We stopped by his Aunt Brigette and Uncle Kents house and then went to the stadium. It was great in a suite. The stadium is huge and the big screen almost makes it difficult to remember you are actually at the game and you can watch the field! Ragnar's life really can't get better than a Dallas Cowboys game and endless free food ;) We were so grateful to get a chance to go and we were also grateful we got to spend the night with his Aunt and Uncle and enjoy some time visiting as well!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stephens Family Fun

This past week we got to hang out a couple of times with Ragnar's cousins family, the Stephens. Laurie and I met downtown and went to the children's museum with her kids on Thursday and then on Saturday their whole family came to see our new house and hangout and have dinner. We were so glad they wanted to hang out and the kids have fun because each of their children are about a month younger than each of ours! I was sad that we didn't get too many pictures of the kids, but here is some of the fun times at the Children's museum.
Our future scientist...she said this was her favorite place
Here is Matthew and Channing. They were loving the water outside and were pretty wet by the end.
Of course Ella had to stop for a little dance session!
We had a fun time and I swear we have to get together more often!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Mini Vacation

We first went  three hours straight from the airport to Vernal, Utah where two of my Aunts live and both my grandmas and my grandpa. I was so glad to be able to see them, even if it was just overnight, but Grandma Wall still looks amazing at 87...even with her worried about not having makeup on for the picture. She is someone who I look up to. She still cooked us an amazing...almost Thanksgiving feast and we love being in her home. 
We sure missed seeing these mountains and having some drier air and we sure do miss the Utah summers and having it cool down at night and in the morning. I went running and was actually cold in August...who would have imagined!
We got to see my Grandma Haws, Aunt Laurie and Aunt Charm and if you are looking hard... you can see my mom all the way from Texas:) Charm was kind enough to make us lunch and go running with me, and I was thankful for both of them and my grandma and grandpa Haws who took the time to see us. We also got to see three of our cute cousins!
A mountain sunrise
Friday night we spent at the MacNairs. We love their new home and were grateful for their hospitality. Some friends you feel like you never left! We miss them!
We also got to stop by and see the Ferrins in Ogden and we miss them too....Most of all I miss my running buddy...those are hard to come by!
Finally Saturday morning we made it to Logan and these two girls (Sandra and Daphne) had already done most of the moving work!
Here is a glimpse of her cute little place. I am so happy for her and that she has something new to look forward to. I hope it serves her well as she finishes her PHD in Logan....she is amazing!
We got to play games which I love to do with Daphne and on Saturday night when Ragnar was with his old co-workers and friends, Ragnar's sisters Daphne and Sandra went to the movies with me and we got icecream. It was nice to catch up!
We sure wish we lived closer! Thanks for letting us come help and visit!
We stopped in to see my old roommate Lindsay and her cute family! And then we went by our old townhomes and visited our old neighbors and friends. We had very little time, but it was nice to walk through and we were so grateful to be reminded of that wonderful period of our life.
Before we left Logan, we took a walk through campus...sometimes I miss those carefree college days.
Afterward we saw my cousin Stephanie and Aunt Becky who I didn't get a picture of! It was fun to see her new home and visit with them and meet her cute little girl..who is not so little anymore. Also, this is my very first and as she would say, best roommate Angeline. She is one I will never forget ;)
Ragnar and I got to stop in and also say hi to my awesome friend Kristen. I am grateful my friends were patient with our little time and our crazy schedule to say hello!
We ended the trip seeing Ragnars Uncle Werner and Sandras family. We had a nice visit and although we logged over 700 miles trying to see everyone in just a few days, we had a great time and were so glad we got a chance to visit. We have great family and friends and the last day we even got to go to dinner and get cheesecake, and stay in a hotel to celebrate our 8th anniversary! I am grateful everyday for the chance I have to be with my best friend and someone who I love. Happy 8th Anniversary Ragnar! Thanks for the great trip!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic and Summer Fun!

Ok so we might be a tad bit obsessed with the Olympics!! We just love them! We all were so excited for them to begin and so far it has not disappointed. On Friday night for the Opening Ceremony, we invited a couple families over to eat and watch it together. It was great and the kids were excited each time one of the countries they had colored a flag of came on the screen. We have been learning about a lot different countries and we love it!
We made our own medals to wear, thanks to our creative friend Mitzi.....
And we had to have "Olympic Torch" cupcakes for the ceremony!

Here is an updated photo of the kids for their wonderful Grandparents
There have been a few times that we have stepped away from the Olympics and played.... yesterday we went with our friends the Waters to the zoo....I know CRAZY to go to the zoo in the middle of the summer in Texas....but we went early and we survived....and we managed to even have FUN!
Here are all the kids, minus cute little Emma
They were excited because they got ONE ride on the carousel.
Gotta Play on those drums at the African Safari!
           We had a nice day and we are enjoying the summer, even though it's super hot!