Saturday, January 9, 2010

Daddy Daughter Day!!

Last Monday was bring your child to work day for Ragnar at the Houston Rockets organization. Ella was so excited to go to work with Ragnar! They had a whole day planned for them. They got to eat breakfast, then go to a cookie decorating class, a dance class with the power dancers coach, then meet Luis Scola. Afterward they had lunch with dad and then had arts and crafts and time with Clutch and then watched Up and ate popcorn! It was a fun day for Ella and she had a great time being out with dad! As for was so weird to have her gone all day, I can't believe how big she is getting. It was super quiet and lonely without her jabbering all day! Cavin is going to have to really start talking or else it's going to be pretty quiet with Ella in kindergarten in a while.
As for the Cavin, we had fun playing, as long as he has cars, he is just fine. He does have a nasty trend going though, he has been sick every Friday for a month now. The weekends no longer have their apeal. I sure hope this trend ends FAST!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year!

This year started with a bang, and I hope it continues to go as well throughout the year. I started off the New Years Day running the Kingwood, Texas half marathon. I feel like a half marathon is a good distance, because you have to train, but running isn't all you do like when I trained for the full marathon. It is a good challenge, but not so time consuming. I ran with my friend Lindsey and can honestly say I totally enjoyed it. I wasn't nervous like usual, I wasn't so competitive and worried about time, I just ran. Let's face it, that is what I love to do. Running this race just for fun really reminded me why I love to run so much. It doesn't always have to be about winning, but sometimes the joy you feel when you do something you love. It was a great start to the new year.

(this is the largest medal I have ever seen... it's like the size of a dessert plate!)

Next we bought a car! My parents have a van that they no longer need, so we bought it from them (for a really good price:) Our whole 5 1/2 year marriage we have shared a car, and while it is possible it is definitely not convenient, so I am glad to have a little more freedom! I am definitely entering the van mom category earlier than I anticipated though! ahhhh!

Then, we bought a laptop! Well more like it was a gift from Ragnar's parents! We are excited about it as Ragnar has been wanting one for some time now.

Finally, Our house went back on the market. We hired a different realtor and after a year of having renters, we are hoping for better luck! We feel pretty optimistic!

We feel really blessed already this year and it's only January 2nd! So much happened in just one day.... I really am hoping and looking forward to a New Year!