Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gymnastics Tour of Champions!

Ella and I had the privilege of attending the Kelloggs Gymnastics Tour of Champions 2016. Ragnar found out there was access to tickets at the last minute, so we happily decided it was worth our money and went. Ella loved watching gymnastics during the Olympics and was super excited to see the Final Five gymnasts.  
It was a really awesome event. It made me want to watch the Olympics all over again.
The lighting was fantastic. They had lots of bright colors and costumes and it really was amazing what they can do.
I was lucky to get to go on a mother daughter date with Ella. She really is a special girl and I am so grateful she is my daughter. We had a great time!

Ragnar's 39th Birthday!

Ragnar turned 39 last week and it kind of turned into a week long celebration. Friday night the weekend before his birthday I organized a date to Comedy Sports Houston with our friends the Browns. I always enjoy going out on a date with Ragnar so I thought it would be fun to try something new. We tried out a new place called Persona Pizza which was good, then we headed over. 
There was a mixture of comedy performances and some were definitely more funny than others, but overall we had a good time and got some good laughs in! It was nice that it was a very clean performance.
That week I tried to do things throughout the week to help celebrate. I got his oil changed in his car, underneath the grill I got fixed for him since it had been ruined since the floods last year. We did simple things. Friday night Daphne came and we got to go see Ragnar play in his first outdoor soccer game of the season. I have seen him play in many indoor leagues, but it has been a long time since I have seen him play outdoor soccer. It was fun to watch!
He and Cavin are both #20 this season!
Getting quick on his feet!
There team name was the Rangers, so Daphne was happy to exclaim "Ranger Danger" when they would do well! The kids enjoyed seeing their dad play.
The next day Daphne was kind enough to watch the kids while we went and found Ragnar a new suit for his birthday.
Here is the one we chose. The Rockets season is back in session! 
After getting a suit we came home and Ella had put together a small surprise party which was sweet of her. Then we went to Cavin's soccer game. It ended up being cancelled after halftime due to lightening. We then went to Chilis for dinner early and celebrating there.
Sunday Ragnar officially turned 39! We just hung out until church and then we had church and celebrated afterward.
The kids made Ragnar a birthday sign!
Our family birthday shot!
Naturally Ragnar and Daphne always take a Sunday School selfie when she comes. I have always been in Primary, so this is my first time joining :) Sadly, I think that is the only picture we got of Daphne!
Ragnar wanted to grill burgers for dinner! We sure love hamburgers around here.
After dinner we sang a song and ate cake!!
I sure hope he wished for the year to go by slowly! I not sure I am ready to be married to a 40 year old!!
The kids love to watch present opening! 
I was so grateful that Daphne made the effort to come into town to celebrate with us. He sure loves her and I am grateful they have a great relationship. I am also grateful that my brother and sister and parents were able to come support him as well. I hope he had a special day. I sure feel lucky to be able to celebrate another year of his wonderful life. I am so lucky to have him.