Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Visit from Hellmut and Ursula!

The much anticipated visit from Ragnar's parents finally came and went. We were so excited they were willing to make the trip to see us as it had been 9 months and the kids missed them! They came on Wednesday night and just hung out with the kids after they got home from school and rested.
Oma played a tea party with Channing and Deacon.
Then Channing's dream came true! She had been waiting for Oma to come because she knows Oma will put on makeup for her :)

Thursday we ran some errands and Deacon wanted to make sure everywhere we went he was close to his Opa!
We played games and Ragnar got to play with his "Playmobile" toys that his mom brought him from when he was a child in Germany.
Ragnar even remembered how to set everything up!
We had several walks to and from school which the kids enjoyed having their grandparents join them on!
Deacon loved Opa and wanted to always be by him!
Opa let Channing read to him. 
Oma watched Deacon play basketball and joined in on the fun!
And in true Ursula fashion, she had a fun craft idea for them to make!
Culvers for dinner!
We taught them the game 5 Crowns and had fun playing with them! I happened to win both times ;)
I think we wore them out!!!

Friday Ragnar had to work as it was the biggest game of the year, so we hung out and anxiously waited for Daphne to arrive!
It started raining a lot that evening, but she made it ok!
We had dinner and hung out!
We even had a little dance party. Channing got Opa to dance for a minute! Hellmut wanted to hear "I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream!" so we listened to that song.
Saturday morning Daphne and I ran 10 miles together and then we ate our donuts! Hellmut enjoys getting donuts while he is here! Deacon loved waking up and having breakfast with him!
Then we headed off to the zoo. The weather was cloudy, but the sun eventually came and it ended up being a nice day there!
Our zoo selfie!
We had some monkeys along for the ride!!
We ate lunch at the zoo and enjoyed a lot of walking!
Spot the giraffe in the back ;)
We completely wore the kids out by the time we were done!

That afternoon Ursula, Daphne and I made cookies and did a little shopping and then we went to Los Cucos for dinner!
We were serenaded with several German songs from our waiter. He actually had a great voice, but it was a tad awkward!

Sunday we went to church together!
Ursula tried on Daphnes extensions! haha!
We are getting pretty good at selfies! After church we had a BBQ and then Daphne took Hellmut and Ursula to Baton Rouge for a couple days!

They got back Tuesday night. Wednesday morning while most of the kids were at school my mom watched Deacon and we went to a session at the temple. 
We had a nice time being together.
After the temple, Deacon's wish came true and he got to be with both of his grandpas! There are no two people he loves more! We went with my parents to Red Robin and had lunch!
That evening we hung out with the kids and enjoyed our last night with Hellmut and Ursula. Ragnar was especially grateful that they came. We always love seeing them and we never get to spend enough time with them. We sure wish we lived closer. We love them and are so grateful they took the time to come see us! We miss them!

Father Son Date!

A couple weeks ago Ragnar was able to take Cavin to the Rockets game. Going to a game is not atypical in our family, but having dad all to yourself and him not be working the game is a special thing! Cavin was pretty excited to be able to hang out with his dad. They went to see the Oklahoma Thunder play the Rockets!
They went up to the Skycourt to play before the game!
Got to go courtside!
They met Clutch!
Got to get icecream!
The noise was a little much for Cavin as they got to sit really close!
Such handsome boys!
They had a great time and I am so glad that Ragnar took the time to make a special trip for just Cavin!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ella's Trip with Daphne

For Ella's birthday in May, Daphne gave her a trip to Baton Rouge for a couple days to spend one on one time with her. Daphne was gone almost the whole summer and obviously Ella has been in school, so it took a while to make it happen, but in December after Christmas Ella got to go with Daphne to her house. She was super excited. We thankfully got the play by play through selfies and we loved each one. I will try to document a little about what Ella did from the texts Daphne sent me.
It's about a 4 hour drive from Houston to Baton Rouge, so they left Tuesday morning and they stopped for some yummy lunch and treats and got to listen to Ella's favorite "Land of Stories" book series on the way over. When they got to her house they hung out and made dinner together. Then they watched the "BFG".
They had a good rest and then got up for breakfast!
Daphne took Ella to try beignets which Louisiana is famous for. I was so jealous. They looked delicious!
Daphne took Ella around the lake in Baton Rouge by the LSU campus where she works.
They rode their bikes all around the lake which is about 4 miles. Ella has only barely learned to ride her bike, so this was a huge accomplishment for her. She fell several times, but Daphne said she kept getting back up and going.
I am so proud of Ella and her willingness to do it and so grateful for Daphne for encouraging her along the way!
They finished off with a trip to the bookstore and Mooyah burgers!!! Yum!!
Then they went for a dip in the pool where Daphne lives!
Ella had fun and loves to swim but I guess it was a little cold!
They came home and had pizookies and watched "The Chronicles of Narnia" 
Daphne woke up and made Ella french toast. They had baked lots of yummy treats for us as well.
Then they were on the road to meet Ragnar and Cavin in Lake Charles to send her back home.
She had the best time!! I am so so grateful to Daphne for being willing to take Ella for a couple days and spend time with her. She is such a blessing to us and our family. The kids absolutely adore her and I am so grateful of the relationship they have with her. She does so much for them and is so helpful and willing to include them and encourage them. What a great Aunt!