Friday, March 20, 2015

The clock keeps turning..

So it's not a huge surprise that I don't love birthdays. They were fun when I was a child, but as you grow and become an adult, you just realize you are getting older and older. That, for me, is no fun. This year I turned 32. I have mentioned to Ragnar a time or two, that sometimes on birthdays you just feel sad because people are busy with their lives and not many people remember and they can often be boring and not the "special" day they are designed to be. This year however, Ragnar did a great job of making me feel loved. 
So Ragnar had the day arranged for me to try and relax and feel remembered. He brought me my traditional birthday donuts and then left for work. At 9:30 he had my friend Pele come and pick up Channing for a playdate all day. At 10:00 he had Michelle come by to bring me cookies and stationary. At 11:30 Rachael stopped by with Chick fil a for lunch and she brought me a pedicure gift card. Then at 2:00 Joy stopped by with these pretty flowers since he mentioned tulips are my favorite. At 4:00 my friend Channing stopped by with TONS of snickers and a strawberry cream slush. 4:30 Cathie stopped by with Candy. 5:30 Amy came by with dinner and about the same time he came home with this yummy Cookie Cake which I love!!
I was so grateful that he had taken the time to arrange with my friends the day so that I would feel remembered, and I was even more grateful that he pays attention and knows me well enough to know all the little things I enjoy for them to bring! The only thing that could have made it a better day is if my leg was healed and I could have gone for a long run!
My friend Candice who I really miss sent me this necklace and earrings which I love and they totally matched the shirt I had on!
I have great friends and I am so grateful for their support in making my day special! Today I had an extended birthday and Brittany had us over to her new house for lunch and these 3 cute boys got to have a "playdate". They were born within a couple months of each other. So sweet.
 It was such a thoughtful idea from Ragnar. I married a good man and we get to celebrate each birthday with these 4 cuties! Here's to another year!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Most every year I go down to the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo to see a concert and all the rodeo fun. This year I went with my mom and sister and my moms best friend Shauna. My friend Stacey was supposed to join us, but sadly she had some pregnancy complications and was unable to go. We enjoyed ourselves though and saw Tim McGraw.
It was a sold out show and as usual Ragnar was able to hook us up with some tickets. Sadly I don't think Tim McGraw put on a very good concert, he may be getting a tad old ;) He didn't play many of my favorite songs, but it was nice to get out at have a night out anyway!

Valentine's Fun!

Ella had a Valentine's activity at our church for the Achievement Day girls in February. She was very disappointed to come home and look at the calendar to see that Ragnar had a game that night. This activity you were supposed to have a fun daddy daughter night. As soon as she looked at the calendar she said, mom do you think I could invite Grandpa? Knowing my dad had meetings on Wednesday nights I said well we can ask, but try not to be too disappointed if he says no. Knowing the great Grandpa that he is, I should have known he would have rearranged his schedule so he could take her.
Cute girls!
Lookin good dad!

I am so grateful for my dad and that he was willing to step in when Ragnar was unavailable!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Deacon is 7 months!

Deacon is growing and growing and 6-9 months is my favorite time with my babies. They are still cute and cuddly but they can interact more and although they can sit up they usually aren't too mobile yet! Our little guy is almost always happy and a very pleasant baby to be around. He started most all baby foods and so far green beans are the only one he doesn't like to eat. He had to go to the dr. a couple days ago because he hurt his toe and he is now 21.5 lbs.
 He is always smiling and giggling.
Three of the things he loves most are his jumperoo...
His sweet brother...
And baths!! Cute little chubby baby.
His beautiful blue eyes are my favorite. He is always arching his back to look up at me or the fan or the ceiling or anything upward.
 One of my favorite things about Deacon is when I put him down for his afternoon nap, he will sleep in his crib for an hour or so and then when he starts to wake up, if I pick him up and put his binki in, he will sleep next to me on my bed for another hour or two. Gives me an excuse to slow down and cuddle, and take a nap ;)

Maroon 5

Ragnar and I have experienced many perks from his job working for the Houston Rockets. One of the things I love most is access to the concerts at the Toyota Center. Many of the concerts that don't sell out or suites that don't sell out we have access to. This concert we got to go to was Maroon 5. I had heard many of their songs, but likely wouldn't have bought tickets although I liked them. Ragnar and I got to attend with some of his coworkers and we had a great time. We got to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner before the concert which is one of my favorites, then we enjoyed a much needed date night out. So thankful to my mom and dad who so willingly watch our kiddos so we can get out every now and again.