Monday, November 30, 2009

A Wild Weekend!

It's not really like me to not post for two weeks, but things have been crazier around here than I'm used to. On Wednesday afternoon I took the kids to the park to play and Cavin was grumpy. I was trying to cheer him up so I decided to go down the slide with him......well that is when the weekend mess began. He rode down the slide with me on my lap and his leg got caught on the side and he started crying and I just thought that he was just still being grumpy, so we just left the park and went home. Then he kept crying and saying owie and then started being weird. I knew his leg must have hurt a little, but then he started drooling, his eyes kept dilating, and he wouldn't stay awake and wouldn't eat (which as you know is NOT Cavin), so I decided to take him in to the ER and see if he was o.k. and if something was wrong with his leg. He kept pointing to it and wouldn't walk on it so I thought on the slide something that I didn't see must have happened. Anyway, long story short, they said he might have a fracture they couldn't tell from the xray so they sent a grumpy old woman nurse in to splint it and I had to go to the Orthopedist on Monday for further review because that is the earliest time one would open. SO..... I had my pediatrician prescribe something more for the pain because the ER doctor just told me to give him Tylenol and then sent in a grumpy old woman to splint it. The nurse was also more concerned that he wouldn't stop crying than his leg....he is 19 months old for heaven sakes! So we had a sad son all weekend and worried about Cavin having a broken leg, but the Orthopedist said it doesn't look broken but because of the improper way she splinted it his heel is the concern now and we will have to have in rechecked next week. So now we have to take care of an injury that the grumpy old nurse caused by her worrying about his crying more than his leg! I'm am definitely questioning the care we received at the facility. As soon as the splint was off, he was happy again and clapping and growling and he ate a cookie almost whole when I got home and two bowls of macaroni! Darn thing, I should have just taken it off! Anyway, I am SO glad it isn't broken and I hope his heel heals soon! Poor boy!

As for the rest of the weekend, between trying to soothe Cavin we tried to do some fun things. We went over to my parents for Thanksgiving and we had my parents, Corey's family there, Natalie, Stephani's sister Camella's family there, and my Aunt Jana and her three children! It was a nice day and the food was great. I'm just sad Cavin missed out in the fun.
On Friday we tried to put up the Christmas tree and then went to the Rockets game with my three best friends Cameron, Ben, and Stacey and Cam's friend Amanda. Just Ragnar and I went and it was so fun to be there and to see them.

Then on Saturday my mom took the girls out to the Nutcracker! It was my mom, Natalie, Stephani, Madison, and then Ella and I. We went to Red Robin before and then to the Nutcracker downtown! I wasn't sure how Ella would do, but she sat still through the whole thing and loved it! It was a fun experience.

She loves her cousin Madi and they had fun with the binoculars!

Grandma and Ella

All in all it was a long weekend and I am glad it's over, but we also had some fun memories as well.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Free Dance

Here is the website for the video of our "free" dance from Ella! Do you think we have a dancer on our hands?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Rocket Filled Weekend!

Do you want to buy tickets?

Ella working with Daddy!

It has been a fun week. Ella has particularly felt special as we have been doing things for her this week. Aunt Stephani, John, and Madi took Ella on a secret "field trip" to the Build-A-Bear workshop where she created a bunny named Ella (she only has three names for her animals/dolls...Madi, Ella, or Lily, so we have lots of doubles). She loves her bunny and they even took her out for ice cream afterward. She had a great time and loves having them close. On Friday night Ella and I had our monthly sleep over and we played games, made sugar cookies, made a fort, you know the usual. She seriously talked me to sleep, she LOVES to talk and never stops! I definitely don't get lonely anymore when Ragnar is gone! On Saturday she got to go on a date with dad to work and play at the Toyota Center for a few hours and then have a picnic! Then when she got home we went over to a friends who was having a birthday party! They had "clutch" the Houston Rockets Mascot as their special guest and Ella was excited! She was pretty tired without her nap, but we had fun and were grateful they invited us.
It was a fun weekend, Cavin never stops saying "" or "shoes??" and Ella is always full of fun. She says she wants to be a dancer, so she danced for us tonight and tonight, our dances were "free". Wow, who knew I would have to be paying soon!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Our Football Player and Tinkerbell!

Aunt Natalie a.k.a Snow White

John (before he was dressed)

We had a great Halloween! The weather was great and we got to go trick or treating with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Natalie, Aunt Stephani, Uncle Corey, and John and Madi! Ragnar had to work at the Rockets game, so we went over and trick or treated in Corey's neighborhood. Ella was loving it! She kept saying "I'm so excited....I can't wait to say trick or treat again!" We loved going with the family and the donuts and cider after! I hope you had a happy Halloween as well!