Monday, August 24, 2015

The School year has begun!

Well sadly, the summer is over and the school year 2015-2016 has begun. Ella and Cavin were so excited and it is such a blessing that they love school and I don't have to drag them out of bed in the mornings. They were up and ready nice and early and ready to begin the day. Ella said to me while I was doing her hair "Mom I had a fun summer, but I like school more than having fun." Not sure if I should take that as a reflection of not a very fun summer or that she just loves school that much. I think I focus on the latter. She simply loves to learn and I am so grateful. 
Ella is in third grade and has Mrs. Havnen.
Cavin is in 2nd grade and has Mrs. Pena.
These two could be twins! They sure are a great siblings to each other!
Of course the other kids wanted to take a picture with them! The younger two are definitely going to miss their brother and sister!
Here is Cavin with his new teacher Mrs. Pena. We went to drop off Ella next, she is in a portable this year, so we went over and she went right in a got a couple hugs from friends and waved goodbye, so no teacher picture for now! 
Channing wanted me to take her to lunch on her first day without the kids, and I happily obliged.
And sweet little Deacon kept giving me cheesy smiles before his nap! I miss the older two and hope they have an awesome year, but I am glad I still have 2 cuties home to keep me company!

Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary!

My mom and dad celebrated 40 years of marriage on Friday, August 21st. I wanted to really show them our love and support for this amazing accomplishment. Thankfully my sister in law Chira was kind enough to jump on board with me and plan a small surprise party to celebrate. We invited a few of their friends over for dessert to celebrate! We told my mom we were having dessert, just left out the part about with everyone else too!
The slight problem was that my mom doesn't ever knock and the door was left unlocked so she just came right in ;)
They seemed still surprised!
Ragnar and Chris were nice and cozy on this tiny love seat ;) haha!
My siblings were a great help. Natalie and Corey were nice enough to support us and help us send them on a nice lunch before and Marisa made a cute video for them that we showed. Of course Chris let me use his house and his wife as well! Natalie thankfully forgave me for not telling her til a few hours before. She's not a great secret keeper! We love her though!
I made a chain of 40 fun facts or things for either the year 1975 that they were married or something from each year they were married. I am not sure why Ragnar thought this particular one was important ;)

I can't believe I didn't get a great shot of my parents together, but I hope they know how much we love them and appreciate their dedication and support of one another for 40 years. It's quite an accomplishment. Especially in a world now where everyone seems to give up in life when things get hard. I am grateful for them showing us that it can be done and that marriages can last through the eternities. We love you mom and dad!

End of Summer Fun and Summer Olympics!

We had a great summer together! I really enjoyed the kids and feel really lucky that they would still all nap for me most days of the week! It made us all happier ;) The last week we got a visit from Ragnar's cousin Laurie and Cade Stephens. They moved to Dallas so we haven't seen them in a little while. They got to meet Deacon and we enjoyed catching up. We took our kids picture in the regular spot! We were just missing Deacon who had fallen asleep!
We had gone to chuck e cheese..
Where a kid can be a kid ;)
Deacon was enjoying himself!
And we went bowling this summer a few times...
This week we also had our annual "Summer Olympics" at Grandma and Grandpa Speers house! We were excited this year as we were able to have some of our cousins join us! They started with the Olympic march to some music. They each made their own flag and then Grandma led the flag parade.
They began with a friendly competition picture. The kids were reminded to do their best but cheer others on. We had to especially remind Cavin who is so competitive he can't stand it!
My kids wanted to represent countries. Ella and Cavin were representing Germany and Channing the United States.
Crew could hardly wait for the excitement..and Deacon could wait..he was fast asleep ;)
First event was "Water Balloon Shot put". Here's Ella giving it a go!
Cavin was the proud winner of this event.
And..grandpa showing them how it's done!
The next event was the "Discus Throw" Here is Channing...she didn't get to far.
Cavin and Ella
Caden won this event after a tie breaker with Cavin.
The next event was the "3 Legged Race" Ella and Coleton were a team
Channing and Charlotte paired up
And Caden and Cavin won by a leg!
Channing and Charlotte finally figured it out after a few falls..They were happy though!
The next event was the "Frisbee Toss" No one won this event as none of the kids could get it in this year!
Then came the "Hockey Stick Race"
Grandma gave Charlotte a little help and Channing didn't even want to participate in this event.
Caden won this event with a time of :34 to the fence and back.
Grandma was kind enough to demonstrate the next event. She loves pictures ;)  It was the individual relay race!
And they're off!
Notice anything in the picture below? Cavin got beat by Caden barely and tried to cheat at the end to pull it off. Poor boy needs to learn to to win fair and square. He is in a phase where he just wants to win so we find him cheating more often then not!
His face is priceless...
The next event we had to move inside for because the lawn guys decided to show up. It was the "Javelin throw".
Ella won this game after a tie breaker with Caden.
These 4 couldn't wait for the lawn men to leave, so they were watching out the window. They were finished pretty quick!
The last event Grandma put together the "Obstacle Course". Charlotte was the first to go!
Then Ella's turn.
And Caden.. He was ready to go! He won this event as well with a time of 1:05
Then Cavin...
Took my sweet coordinated son like 15 seconds to figure out how to crab walk out of the pool. haha!
Next was Coleton....
And last but not least...Channing....

Then the last event "Beach VolleyBall"
All finished and time to cool off..
Caden got Ella good with the water gun!
 Then we had a yummy lunch and the awards ceremony!
They all got a medal and the 3rd annual Summer Olympics was a success! Thanks mom and dad for always making it a fun memory!