Friday, February 19, 2016

Meeting the TWINS!

Last weekend I flew with my dad and sister Natalie to go to Arkansas for my nieces baby blessings. I was really excited to meet the little girls and see my sister Marisa. The flight over was nice and short and it was really cold when we got there. We had a quick lunch and then went to meet Kate and Addy.
These two look very very similar. They aren't sure if they are identical yet, but I do notice some very slight differences. Adelyn is always wearing pink and has the pink binkie and Kate is always wearing purple. By the end of the trip I could tell which was which, but for the first day that's how I knew.
This is how they were most of the time...except with so many visitors, they were mostly in someone's arms!
Isn't Kate Adorable!
The girls were blessed on Sunday morning and they looked beautiful!
Ethan's brother Clark and his father Paul, Ethan, and my dad were part of the blessing circle.
 My parents with number 15 and 16 grandchild.
These were the people who came to support them from Ethan's side! Hard to believe that is just 2 of his 5 siblings families! Clark and Megan came and they each have 6 kids, so the house was happening!
 Here is our small little crew!
We can't forget the cute older brother and sister Liam and Aubrey. 
Well I was glad to have my sisters together. It sure was cold for me! I don't think I took off this coat all weekend, except to sleep! I'm a Texas girl, through and through.
Sure love Marisa and wish she lived closer, but it was so nice to see her! 
We flew home on Monday afternoon, but our flight ended up being delayed 2 hours, so this was my happy place as we waited! I normally hate delays, but I ended up being able to enjoy this one a little as I got to read ALL BY MYSELF ;) No children to interrupt me, so I enjoyed the few moments of quiet before I got to go home and hug my crew. Oh, and you see that small suitcase...yea that was a miracle! I can never pack that light! You should be impressed!
When I got home, my amazing hubbie had surprised me with this door he had replaced. He had called over a guy in our ward to help him replace our back door that I had been asking him to replace for several years! He was a brave man to do it on a weekend when he had the kids alone, but I am so grateful it is done!! Not only did he do a wonderful act of service, he sent yummy dipped strawberries to my sister's house in Arkansas for Valentine's day. 
He took some time off for me to go and these cuties survived my absence. I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband! 

Valentine's Preschool Party!

Channing is loving her little preschool this year. For her February field trip, they went to MUDPIE and painted. She had a great time! They got to have a donut and say goodbye to one of the girls Jayne who is moving. 
She was excited to paint her heart plate!
I think it turned out great!
Now that Jayne has moved, Miss Lindsay added her two neighbor twin boys who are going to kindergarten in the Fall as well. Channing was excited to have two boys now in her small little class! I am grateful for Lindsay and the joy she puts on Channing's face each time she goes, and how much she has learned!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Visit from the Michiganites!

This past week my brother Corey and his family came to visit from Michigan. My kids were ecstatic to have them here. They flew in on Saturday and we went to Culvers for lunch and then they stayed and played for a minute before Ragnar took John and Cavin to the Monster Truck Jam. They met up with my other brother Chris and his two boys and had a great time. Cavin looks forward to this every year, so I was grateful they obliged him and came along!
Cavin could hardly contain his excitement as he idolizes his older cousin John.
Must be a guy thing???
Ragnar brought Johns friend Collin with them and they seemed to have a good time.
Corey and Stephani left for a cruise and so we played with the kids while they were gone. We went over to Angel park for a beautiful, sunny afternoon.
Cavin and his buddy at the top of the rocks.
Here are all the kiddos. 
We went over for a quick dinner at McDonald's after playtime.
The boys wanted their own table ;)
On Friday I took the kids out of school early and we went over to Skyzone to let the kids jump!
They had a family dodge ball tournament.
Cavin was not cooperating in this picture so the kids decided to do bunny ears :) haha.
Afterward we had a pizza party and watched a movie and then Ella got to spend the night with Madi and get pedicures with Grandma in the morning. She had a blast.
On Saturday we celebrated Coleton's birthday with some of his friends. We are glad to have Coleton in our family! 
On Monday after my brother came back we got together for a family dinner and FHE. The kids play well together outside and the weather has been wonderful. They played duck duck goose....
 And then football!
Ella was so sad to have Madi leave. She doesn't have any older girl cousins here, so she sure loves to have some girl time when Madison comes. We are glad we got to see them all and look forward to our next visit!