Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well here it is....our new home! We love it. It had only been lived in less than a year after it was built so it is in great shape and still has the new home smell. Unfortunately the lawn needs a little tlc! We are still working on decorations and yard work and such, but I wanted to give you an idea of where we now live! Enjoy!

    I love the Texas star on the door!

Our backyard is a good size, but the grass will need some help. There is also a little porch that I didn't get in the picture!
When you walk in this is what you see. There is a large utility room to the left and also a half bathroom.
    On the right of the door is a space we are using as an office
    Here is the kitchen
   This is the family room. I love all the cut outs and arches up the stairs.
On the bottom floor is also the master bedroom
   And master bathroom (I love having a huge separate closet :)
    When you walk upstairs, here is the view looking down from the banister!
    Right at the top of the stairs is the is one half....
 and here is the other                                                  
          The kids bathroom
Here is Ella's bedroom, she loves having a queen size bed!
  Here is a glimpse at Channings room
And here is Cavins room! (And since he is the only boy, he says his imaginary friend "Pants" sleeps in the other bed :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Out with the Old, in with the New!!

On June 14, 2012 we officially became home owners again! We were so excited to have been able to finally find a home that we love and were so excited to move into. It has felt like an extremely long process to find a new home. We have been looking for the better part of 4 years. We knew that Heavenly Father was aware of our family and we felt several "tender mercies" throughout the process of finally finding our home. In the end, we got all the things we wanted. We found a bigger home, in a subdivision we really wanted to stay in, in a ward we really wanted to remain, with a gameroom, and backyard, and 4 bedrooms, and all the essential things. We are feeling extremely blessed and very grateful for the house search chapter in our life to be over. Ragnar wanted to document our house moving process so I will post a few pictures of trying to pack our townhome up to move. We literally only moved about a street away, it was like 30 seconds in the car!
We began putting the boxes we had packed into Channings room.
Then eventually they moved to the garage and then the truck!
This was the last night in our home.....packing up all the frames. It was a wonderful townhome for us and we have great memories of it. We just simply outgrew it and wanted to feel settled in something of our own.
Here is Ragnar and I about an hour after we signed the papers and this became our home. Our realtor was kind enough to take this picture. She was amazing and the process went incredibly smooth which we felt was a testament that this was truly the home we had been waiting for! We love it! I will update you with pictures soon!