Monday, August 26, 2013

School 2013....Here we go!

The school year has officially begun. I wish I could say that with enthusiasm, but I am quite sad about it. I sure miss my kiddos when they are gone. They were so excited to go to school today. Cavin could hardly sleep and as he was getting dressed he even forgot to put on his underwear!! He was so excited he couldn't even think straight! As for Ella, I have never seen her pop out of bed that fast. I am glad they are ready and excited, I just miss them!
 Here they are....ready to go!!
Ella is now a second grader!
Cavin is now in Kindergarten. Here he is with his schultuete! They give those to the kids in Germany on their first year of school, they are just filled with candy and naturally I had to make one for Cavin!
Channing sure is going to miss her brother and sister!!
Here is Ella's 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Heckman!
Mrs. Davis is Cavin's Kindergarten teacher!
Oh how I love my kiddos!! I hope they have a great year...and I hope Channing can stand all the attention!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer is coming to an end!

I can't believe how quickly this summer has come to an end. It has been a wonderful summer and the kids have been great. We have been to Utah, done some day trips, days at pool, playgrounds, bowling, play dates, picnics, dress up, and everything else. It has been a fun summer. The kids are still amazing and still took a nap together almost everyday and we got to enjoy time together and Cavin and Ella had a sleepover almost every night! It has been one of my favorite summers. 
Ella and Channing using their imaginations and getting on a plane to Germany and chilling in Channing's toddler bed.
This girl is always making us laugh. Here she is with her dad's socks! We love her sassy personality.
It was also a summer of teeth......Cavin is growing up too fast! Friday the dentist had to pull his bottom two teeth because the adult teeth were already growing in behind them, so I was so sad! His first two teeth gone and starting kindergarten all in a few days!!! Here is a shot before they are gone....and then
Here is our cute toothless boy!
Ella lost a few teeth too! Oh comes those lovely "kid" smiles!! hahaha!

And finally, they just got their haircut before school.... Here is Ella before!!
Her hair was getting so long....
Here is her fresh hair after the summer dryness. She cut about 4 inches!
Here is Cavin before....His hair was getting pretty long too
Now we are all ready for school to start! Oh how I am going to miss them. I am one of those weird moms who loves having her kids home and I am going to miss them SOOOO much! Kindergarten here is all day, so Channing might get smothered and hugged and squeezed all day! We are sure going to miss Cavin and Ella! Bye Bye Summer 2013!

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Bluebell Factory!

Yesterday we went with my parents and my sister Natalie to the Bluebell Ice cream Factory in Brenham, Texas. Due to the fact that we are known for our delicious blue bell ice cream, it is a common tourist attraction in Texas and after living her most of my life, you would think I have been several times! Well, yesterday was my first trip out and we had a fun time. We picked up my parents and drove up the road. It's only about an hour from my parents house.
Here we are having a snack and waiting for the tour to begin! 
 Time to squish Grandpa!
Cavin couldn't stop eating his snack long enough to take a picture....
He is also beginning this obnoxious phase of making silly faces every time we try and take a picture....oh boys, what do you do with them?!?!
The tour was a perfect length, not too long and not too short. The kids were entertained because there was ice cream all around them! After the tour you get to pick a scoop of ice cream to try! Yum! Channing was in love with her hat....and as you can see...she insisted on wearing it right above her eyes where she could barely see!
We had a fun time. My dad tried a new flavor called "Rockslide Brownie" and he thought it was so good that I am pretty sure even today he is still talking about it ;) He came home and went straight to the store to buy some more! Crazy what retirement does to you! The kids and I are so glad that we get to go on fun adventures with their grandparents! We look forward to adventures with the other set of grandparents in December!


We have been having a fun relaxing summer. We are enjoying the pools, and playing with grandma and grandpa, and trying to enjoy every second until the school year starts again and we get back to our routine!
We have been going to grandmas house to have tea (lemonade) parties. Grandma even obliged us with making bite size food of all shapes and sorts, and getting out her nice plates and cups! Ella made the lovely place mats and wanted it to be just like her Fancy Nancy tea party book.
Even grandpa joined in on the fun ;) That's what you get for retiring!!
We have been playing dress up and Ella is making sure Channing knows all the ropes of "fashion" as she calls it!
And although Cavin is a great sport and puts up with all the girl fun in our house, he is glad to be out with his dad for a father/son date. He loves being with him. This night they headed to the Houston Dynamo soccer game.....I bet you would think by their attire he was going to the Rockets game, but we bleed red.....need to work on getting us some Dynamo orange! I love summertime!