Monday, January 23, 2012

Rockets Run 2012

Since Ragnar began working for the Rockets we have made it a tradition to participate as a family in the Rockets Run each year. This year Ella and Cavin (and Channing in the stroller) ran with Ragnar in the kids 1K. They had a fun time and got a nice medal which they were excited about. I ran in the 5K race right after and was happy with the way I finished. I was really hoping to get one minute faster, but I got stuck behind a ton of people and couldn't get though for a few minutes. That was frustrating, but I still finished 5th in my age group of almost 300 and 155 overall out of almost 3,000 people, so not bad...but next year I know to get in the front BEFORE the race starts!

Channing can taste the victory!

It was a rainy day...but mostly just the annoying "mist". It was fairly warm though.

Anyone who knows me, knows I had to stop and take a picture of this!

We finished the day going to the Rockets game and watching them beat the Spurs. My brother Chris was supposed to fly in and come with us, but his flight was delayed, so my family didn't come which was a bummer, but the kids had fun and did great. Cavin kept telling me the numbers on the score board and as long as Clutch was FAR away he was happy. The girls were happy and content. Go Rockets!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Happenings

This weekend Ella and Ragnar had Monday off, so we were really looking forward to the long weekend. Unfortunately January for Ragnar is super busy at work, so he pretty much was gone every night, but we had fun anyway! It started off all happy and fun with the girls going down for a nap.....

Channing just loves Ella's babydoll.

Then a slight scare occured. It started with Cavin and I playing trains. Channing is getting much faster crawling around and as little siblings do...she was hurrying over to claim part of the track for herself. In an effort to hurry and finish the track and defend it from Channing, Cavin ran over to the track and bent down to hurry and put it together. Problem was, he is our clumsy kid and he bent right into the corner of the entertainment center and split his head open. So I called my pediatrician because I was not sure if it needed stitches or not and he said to come in before he closed (of course it happened at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon) and so since our Dr. is 45 minutes away, I threw the kids in the car and hurried over. We made it and although it was deep, it was not too bad and it was such a straight cut that he was able to use surgical glue and close it together. So he was all glued back together and before or after you would have never known anything happened. At least with all his clumsiness he is super strong and no bump ever seems to bother him :) I am still considering bubble wrap for the cutie though!

On Saturday afternoon my mom stayed home with Channing and we joined my dad for his work party at the zoo! The kids loved the carousel ride and then they got to dress up for a picture!

of course Aunt Natalie is always a great sport to join in the fun!

Next they found the face painter...or in their case hand painter

Cavin chose a turtle with a soccer shell

Ella a butterfly...I think she almost always picks one

We got to eat with grandpa and Aunt Natalie and we had a nice time at the zoo.

Thanks mom for taking Channing and thanks dad for taking our crew with you to the party and for humoring my children and talking like Donald duck most of the ride home :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Words!

Our sweet little Channing said her first word today...mama....BUT she didn't stop there, right after she said mama, she said daddy (she has said what sounds like daddy before and also Ella but today was the first time it was super clear)! I guess she didn't want us to worry about who she loved more ;) Those first words spoken melt a moms heart. I can't believe how big she is getting. She is almost 9 months old and getting around everywhere. She is just such a happy, active baby, and I sure do love this little girl and look forward to watching her grow!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Vacation!

Christmas and New Years have come and gone and we had a great vacation together! It was fun having Ella home from school and Ragnar having some time off. Even more exciting was having Daphne, Ragnar's sister come to visit us for the holidays! We also learned that my brother Chris and his wife are having a girl and that Marisa and Ethan are expecting their second child in August. So fun!
Christmas morning we had a nice time relaxing and opening presents.

Ella was excited because she got a camera and pet shops.

Cavin also got a camera and legos and many other things

Check out everyones morning hair!

Channing just being her happy self.

Daphne got here the night before and we had a nice Christmas eve and we were glad to have her with us as we woke up Christmas morning.

Christmas Day was a little strange this year as it was on a Sunday and we had to stop and get ready for church, but we went to my parents and celebrated there and enjoyed puzzling and dinner and watching the kids open more presents!

With Daphne here we went to Chuck E Cheese which my kids love and they had these sketches done:)

Daphne went with us to the park....

and was great at teaching Ella "Just Dance" on the wii. They are definitely the dancers in the family!

Thanks to Ragnar for the tickets and my parents for watching the kids, Daphne and I got to go to the Rockets season opener against the Spurs. It was a nice evening and they won by 20! Yeah! I think the week I got told 3 times that Daphne and I look like the siblings :) Do you see it??

We sure are grateful Daphne spent her precious semester break with us. We had a lot of fun and already miss her!

Next came New Years. Happy 2012!

We spent the Monday after New Years with my parents and sister Natalie. We went bowling and to Chilis, and then we made smores and hot dogs by their new fire pit. It was a nice day!

We are lucky to have such a great family!

It was a wonderful Christmas vacation!