Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Ella has been asking me to put her in gymnastics for a while and apparently the season of the Olympics it's really hard to get your child in because every little girl wants to be a gymnast! Finally after being on a waiting list for 5 months we got her and her friend a slot at Rowland Ballard Gymnastics in January. She was in love! She couldn't wait for Mondays to come so she could go to gymnastics. She would tell me every week how much she loved everything, but the bars :) I concur!
 Here is an action shot :)
 Here is her award ceremony where each child got an achievement award for the year!
 Go Ella!
Here is her Coach Ashley. She definitely improved and we are glad she was happy about her accomplishments.

Taylor Swift!!

I think Taylor Swift has enough hype about her, maybe I shouldn't have titled an entire post after her! Regardless, last week Ragnar's boss asked him if he wanted two tickets to the Taylor Swift Red concert and of course he said yes! Ella loves Taylor Swift....and Ragnar secretly (or not so secretly now) likes her too. So, he took her on a daddy/daughter date to the concert!
 Here they are before the show!
They got to sit in a suite and it even had candy so she brought home cotton candy, popcorn, and a candy box! She was in heaven!
 Ragnar said she stared pretty much the whole time (much like her mother I am afraid)
She LOVED it and came running in the house at 11:00 p.m. and told me all about it. I am so glad she had a great time!

Frog and Toad!

Ella was in her first play on April 23, 2013. Each year the first grade puts on a play and it is called "Frog and Toad". Her class did the song "Cookies". It was a very interesting performance...and I am not sure how I feel about the music director. After several years of putting the play on, he should have been able to work out the kinks by now....oh well, they sure were cute!

(Ella is on the front row, four people over)

Soccer Time!

Cavin participated in his first soccer season this Spring and he LOVED every second of it. He has been bred soccer as his father is European and much to his father's delight, so far he loves it just as much! He played with the Texas Heatwave organization and played on the Red Dragons. He was red and his favorite number 8! He progressively got better and better each game and he couldn't wait til his practice and game every week. The night before each game I would go into his bedroom and his chair next to his bed would look like this....
He always folded his clothes and would have them on when he came down for breakfast that morning.
Here was his team. He is the cute one in the middle of the back row ;) 
He would always run as fast as he could and since he is so heavy he seemed to forget to stop and/or would trip and when he would go down, the whole group would go down...haha....we will work on that one, I think he may think it's a full body contact sport!
Here he is when he got his trophy at the end of the year party. We are so glad that he had a great first experience. Thank you to Tory Western and Paul Smith who were his coaches!

Ella turned SEVEN!

Our little girl is not so little anymore. Ella turned 7 on May 5, 2013. She is such a fun girl and we love having her. For her birthday we mostly celebrated all weekend because her actual birthday is on Sunday and we usually don't to a lot of things outside of church on Sunday. So as in my previous post, we pierced our ears and got ice-cream and then went on a church group activity at the Houston L.D.S. temple. Then on her birthday we went to church and had her grandparents and Aunt Natalie over for dinner and to celebrate! At her request we had baked potatoes which she LOVES and a cookie cake!
 Ears pierced! Check!
 Here she is at the temple....only one more year til she can get baptized!
 Her silly brother and sister always want to join in the fun!
 Her mini cookie cake...we had another as well ;)
 She got LOTS of earrings and other fun doll stuff and beads!
Happy Birthday Ella. We love your desire to be a good example to your brother and sister and to everyone. We love that you love to read and try your hardest at school. We are so proud that you have always gotten a positive check at school, everyday. We love that you love to dance and do gymnastics. Even though you are INCREDIBLY slow doing most things and love to take your own sweet time, we love you and are so glad you are in our family!

The Start of Something New....

So many of you who know me know that I am not particularly what they call a "girly girl". Having said that, growing up I always played sports and never really was that interested in having earrings or getting my ears pierced because I never had a chance where I could really keep them in for 6 weeks without having to tape them. So, with that, I never really even thought about having my ears pierced....until I had a little girl. Ella has been begging me for the better part of four years to get her ears pierced. My birthday is about 6 weeks before hers and it was the big 30 and seriously I simply hate being 30! It just feels weird and I just feel so old and plain, so after a few months of consideration I finally decided I would let Ella pierce her ears for her birthday and since it was a big one for me I thought it would be special if we did it together. So for her birthday (actually May 4th, the day before, because her birthday was on a Sunday) we got our ears pierced!
Here we are before........
 Waiting in the chair....she was excited and wanted to go first! She was super brave! I was more nervous than her!
 Here she is after! She did awesome and was SOOOOO excited!
 We did it! We are whole new girlies and it didn't hurt one bit!
 It is a fun mother/daughter memory I hope we never forget!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Channing is TWO!!!

April 23, 2013 Channing turned the lovely age of two. She is a fun little girl and we sure love having her in our family. She loves Minnie Mouse, so we did a Minnie party and her grandparents and Aunt Natalie, Aunt Marisa and two cousins Liam and Aubrey came to celebrate with her.
She got everything Minnie and she was happy about that. She mostly enjoyed just opening the presents.
Here are a couple cute ones of Channing. She still loves her polka dot blanket and that silly thumb! She is potty trained and has a big girl bed and transitioned to them very well! She loves to sing "I am a Child of God" and eat "bishies"(gold fish), apple juice, and FRENCH FRIES! She is constantly asking to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is definitely an early riser! She always wipes my eyes with her blanket if she thinks I am sad and wants to brush my hair all the time! She is also very good at being a bossy little sister. She is full of personality and we love her to death!

Dad's Retirement

On March 30, 2013 my dad retired from ExxonMobil. In honor of his retirement he had a company retirement party at Perry's Steakhouse in which my brother and sister and their families flew in for. It was so fun to have them all together but we sure did miss my other brother Chris and his family. While everyone was here we had a fun time playing and having the kids catch up with their cousins!
We started our time with a party for Cavin and then a sleepover with the oldest two in my family and my brother Corey's and then headed to church! The kids missed their cousins, so it was fun to get them together again!
 Next we went to Galveston and the weather was great!
 Ella and Madi enjoying the sand!
John and Cavin, aren't they handsome!? John was kind enough to play with Cavin even though he is several years younger.
Our littlest munchkin loves her some cheetos! I'm sad we didn't get a picture of Corey's twins James and Emma. James was loving the water!

After the beach the plague started to hit and Ella got the stomach bug and throughout the next few weeks it slowly went through several members of the family. So, we stayed pretty close to home. We were able to all go to the retirement dinner which was wonderful and then a few days later after Corey's family left we went with my sister Marisa and her kids to the Children's museum. 
Liam and Channing trying out the car!
Grandpa joined us on our trip and we ended up having to eat lunch in the back of the pickup truck because we kept getting booted to a new spot, but we had a fun time!
 Grandpa is helping Cavin create a Lego car!
We had a nice visit with our cousins and I am so glad such a wonderful thing brought us together! Congrats Dad!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cavin's 5th Birthday!

So I am a month behind in blogging so I will try and catch up! Cavin turned 5 on April 12, 2013 and he was very excited about his special day! As in usual Hartzheim tradition, we started the morning with a birthday donut!
We did a very small friend party and since he was turning 5 I let him invite 5 friends. He invited Ty, Weston, Cody, Tyson and Tyler to a party at Jumpalooza and they had a fun time getting all their energy out and jumping around.
As you can tell he had fun with the boys. I wish I would have remembered to get a picture of them all!
 Tyler, Cavin, and Ty
After the party we went to lunch with my parents and then that night we went to the Rockets game. Thanks to Ragnar's kind clients Ron and Tina, we were able to enjoy a suite and have dinner, cake, and presents to celebrate Cavin's big day. He loved the game and they even won in his honor!
The next day we had a party with my family because my brother Corey and his family came into town and Ragnar had been working the night before. Cavin was so excited to have them there. He loves Mariokart, so we did a Mario party!
 We had a nice evening and he got everything Mario....sheets, Mario figures, a Mario lunchbox, Mario shirt..etc...
My friend was kind enough to take a couple birthday pictures of my kids since they all had a birthday coming up. So here is Cavin 5 years and growing. He is still in the 95% on the growth chart and only an inch and 1/2 shorter and 4 pounds less than his older sister. 
He loves Mario, and playing Mario Memory, Cars 2 the movie, soccer, basketball, the trampoline, and numbers... which have to be on almost every shirt and he especially loves the number 8. He is still pretty mild tempered, but is starting to get a little rougher, especially on the soccer field! He has learned to read and write well, he loves coloring, crafts, and helping me cook. He is such a sweet boy with a very contagious belly laugh! We sure do love him and I will miss him so much when he heads to Kindergarten in August :(