Friday, May 9, 2014

Ella's Birthday Fun Week!

Ella was very excited to turn 8! In our religion that is when you are baptized and she was so excited to finally become old enough to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Although we are waiting a couple weeks to baptize her, she had a fun week. On her birthday she had to go to school (or as she says, she got to go to school), then we had gymnastics, and then we came home and had dinner and a little party! 
Traditional breakfast donut!
 We had her favorite baked potatoes and strawberries for dinner and we opened presents!
She got some new scriptures, a rainbow loom book, earrings, shoes, dresses, a willow tree, a scripture bag, and a new room make over! That was a lot of work, complete with new wall paint, a desk, bench, new bedspread, pillows, lamp, bookshelf, all sorts of fun/expensive things ;)
The last couple years she has asked for a "scookie" and so that is what we have had!
The night after her birthday was her 2nd grade school play, Seussical the Musical! She was very excited because she got to do the splits at the end of her classes performance ;)
 Her grandma and Aunt Natalie came to watch with our family! She was excited for the support!
Their class was supposed to wear silly hats but only a few remembered. Ella was in the China hat ;)
I tried to get her split at the end, but we weren't necessarily close to the front. She had a good time and I am glad she thought it was great. I am unimpressed with the music program at their school, but she had fun and the kids are cute! 
The next night on Wednesday was her first "Achievement Days" at church which is a group for the 8-11 year old girls and it was a mother daughter Luau. She kept counting down the minutes. I was glad I got to go with her to her first one! She kept saying, this is the best thing ever!
 A few things about Ella now that she's 8! She is 69 pounds and 49 inches. She loves to dance and sing and is in gymnastics. If she is not dancing or playing Just Dance, she is reading. That girl could read all day, I get her ten chapter books from the library each week and within two days she is finished! It is so hard to keep up with her! She read the entire Rainbow Fairy Magic Series which has over 90 books! She loves school and does really well. She has gotten a 100% on all her spelling tests and I assume from all the reading she sees how things are spelt. She loves strawberries, potatoes,and mint chocolate chip ice-cream. She is a fairly obedient child, but hates to clean up her room. She is by far my messiest child. She is always writing or drawing notes for people, and she is pretty creative. She is happy to play by herself, even amongst many friends. She takes FOREVER in the shower, I think a good 30 min at least! She is super slow in the morning, but we manage to make it to school on time every morning because THANKFULLY like her mother, she hates to be late. She is very logical and works things out in her mind, but with that she can also be pretty emotional. We can hardly watch any movies because she ends up crying because it is too sad, or she is too happy. Oh dear! We love our girl and she is growing so fast!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

End of the season soccer party!

Cavin was sad to say goodbye to another season of soccer. He sure loves it. Playing his last game with a broken wrist and falling SEVERAL times I am kinda glad he has a little break til next season. He has been with most of the same boys on his team for 3 seasons so he loves it. He has had Coach Tory for all three seasons, Coach Steve for two, and his dad helped coach as the 3rd coach this year. This season they did the end of the year party at our community splash pad, so the kids had fun!
Here is Cavin waiting to get his trophy which might be part of his favorite thing about soccer ;)
Trophy in hand (and cupcakes) and one last orange Broncos team cheer!
Couldn't stop eating for a picture!
He had a great season. He has improved so much and is really getting better at understanding the concept of the game. He scored a goal at least once every game this year and many games several times. He is getting better and better at ball control and defense which is more important! Now if only we could keep him on his feet instead of slide tackling so much we would be doing amazing! We are proud of our soccer kiddo!

A visit from Chris!

This past week we were lucky enough to get to have my brother Chris and his family come into town and spend a few days with us. The kids love their cousins and were so excited to have them here. We just played and enjoyed each others company!
Chris was kind enough to play soccer with Cavin and Caden in the backyard.
Apparently Cavin just scored a goal!
We played on the trampoline and Chira was helping out with the fun!
Cute Charlotte and Chira
Friday we took the kids out of school and went to Galveston beach. Channing loves Charlotte so they played and ate chips ;)
Grandpa and Coleton digging in the sand!
It was a beautiful day! Here is Grandma, Chira, and Charlotte enjoying the sun!
Cavin thinks it's a little bright!
Channing's hair always looks so red in the sun!
Dig, dig, dig!
The girls enjoying the shade!
Grandpa hard at work!
Watch out...she'll get you!
Ella was LOVING the water. She was one of the few brave enough to endure the "cooler" water and never wanted to come out!
Galveston was a lot of fun but the traffic getting home is not so great. After Galveston we came back to Grandma and Grandpas to have an early birthday party for Chris and Ella who have the same birthday on May 5th, and Charlotte whose birthday is on the 10th. The boys started with soccer in the backyard again.
Grandpa being silly waiting!
Chris and Chira
Charlotte, Chris, and Ella ready for their birthday cake!
Ella blowing out her candles first
Here's Charlotte
Channing's buddy Charlotte! She loves her cousin!
Cute cousins...Channing, Charlotte, Caden, Ella, Coleton, and Cavin....think Ella's the odd one out with a name starting with E :)
Silly faces!
I'm sure gonna miss them! We loved having them around and so wish they lived closer! Maybe someday!