Friday, March 22, 2013

Houston Livestock and Rodeo 2013

So this past week the kids and I rode down to the rodeo with our friend Candice and her three children Tyler, Tyson, and Emma. My kids love to be with their kids and although it was spring break, we got there pretty close to when it opened and we had a great time. We weren't sure how we would do with 6 children under 6, but the kids were troopers and we had fun. I can't tell you how many people we passed that would make comments such as "wow that's a herd you've got there" or wow you have got your hands full! We managed just fine, thank you very much and they are great kids!
We went over to the market and the kids practiced being farmers, this is one of my kids' favorite things each year!
They got to practice milking a pretend cow ;)
Channing was in heaven sharing a stroller with her little buddy Emma....she loves rubbing Emma's head :)
The kids rode a couple rides and had a fun time with each other. The girls are in the purple car and the three boys are in the orange car...Emma obviously opted out!
They sure do love carousels!
Here is Cavin, Tyler, Ella, and Tyson. Oh how we love their family!
We had a fun time. By this picture Channing was ready to go so she is there in the stroller....just not worth getting out. We had a fun time and the rodeo is one of my favorite yearly traditions of living in Texas. We were glad to share a beautiful day with great friends!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hartzheim Update

It's been a while since I posted. We have been busy, but with nothing so noteworthy that I wanted to blog about it. So I decided that I would just give you an individual update on each of us.
Ella has been loving first grade as has been the case the whole year. She had go Texan day at school and loved it. She gets so excited about everything school related. 
She is growing up so fast! She is also still loving gymnastics. She is getting stronger and stronger.  She always tells me Monday is her favorite day because she gets to go to gymnastics and have family home evening! 
 Besides not being able to watch ANY movie with her because she is so sensitive...or I would say incredibly emotional, she is a fairly good kid and a good big sister.

Cavin is in love with soccer. He started last month and that is all he can talk about. He is on the "red dragons" and is his favorite number, number 8. He is getting better and better and the concept is coming along well. His main issue is that he is SO clumsy and usually when he trips he takes down all the boys with him!
Here he is at his first game

He happens to have coaches that go to our same church so when he sees them he always says hey those are my coaches, Coach Western and Coach Paul! Other than soccer Cavin still loves numbers and always has to wear a shirt with numbers on it. He also loves to play the wii and hang out with his dad. I think it is sweet how much a little boy loves their father. 
Here is a picture of Cavin when he was surprised before naptime by his dad who stopped by from work! And here is his latest creation!
Channing is something else! I cannot tell you HOW many people stop me in stores and ask me where her red hair comes from and tell me how beautiful it is. I swear it's like people have never seen a red head before! One older lady at Chick Fil A even thanked me for having a red head because she saw a documentary that said that red heads were becoming extinct! Really???? Guess I'm glad I could help!?

She does the most random things and has the funniest personality! She is so sweet and happy at home, but if we go to a store, the red in her comes out and she is not as pleasant! She loves to sing and LOVES her brother and sister..and Aunt Natalie. She is a fast learner, and notices things around her very quickly. 
She has this silly new thing with her tongue and it's always out!

As for me, I am just doing the usual and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love watching my kids learn and grow. I am still running and cleaning, and keeping stripes in the carpet ;) My friends surprised me with tickets to Bruno Mars at the Houston Rodeo for my birthday this week and he put on an amazing show. He is awesome. Then yesterday Ragnar got our family and my sister and parents a suite to Cirque de Soleil and we enjoyed that as well. I have great family and friends!
And as for Ragnar....this is how he spent the last couple weeks....
The Allstar game was in Houston this year and he was not sad at all about having to "work" it. He loved every second and still loves his job. The season only has about another month left and I must say, I am not too sad about that. I am about ready to have him back home!
All in all, everyone is doing well and we have much to be grateful for!