Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mr. Cavin

So as I was blogging about Ella a couple days ago, I was feeling like I couldn't leave out Mr. Cavin, so here is a little bit about the little (or not so little) guy!
He just had his 18 month appointment and is 32 pounds and almost 34 inches. He is thankfully not just big, but also tall! People pick him up and don't expect him to be so solid!
He is so sweet and I love his curly hair!
He loves loves loves to eat! No surprise for someone in our family!
He calls any drink juey (for juice)
He is not so coordinated and trips over nothing, but he can palm most balls, so we will have to see which one out weighs the other.
He is a very easy going and to himself baby.
He loves to "boing a boing" or bounce.
He is always talking to Ella to try and wake her up!
He always is trying to do a head stand for some reason.
And one more thing....he must and I mean must have his shoes on....He LOVES them!
He is a happy silly kid and we love him!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Little Ella Belle

I was thinking today about how fun three is with Ella and I wanted to write some of the silly things she says that make me laugh just so I wouldn't forget (they aren't really that funny to most of you, but with her cute voice, and because she is mine, I love it).......
1. That's bumbelee
2. Lets read scripers mom!
3. Mom you are struggeling me!
4. You're crazy!
5. Mom it's o.k., it's just a joke
6. Mom you look like a princess in that "rella" dress
7. Mom guess what...I slept lots!
8. This is NOT my favorite thing
9. It's delicious!
10. That's silly momma
11. Mom I need to hear your secrets
12. She's snakey!
and my favorite, but also the sadest... when I tell her no to something..
13. Mom, you are breaking my heart

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I just wanted to wish my lovely mother a Happy Birthday! I sure am lucky to have a mom who is always so thoughtful and supportive of me. She is always there to talk to and I love being able to just call her when I need someone to listen. She has taught me some of the most important lessons in life, from a testimony of the church to something as simple as my love of sports. Thanks mom for everything...I hope today is a wonderful day, you deserve it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The New Place

So here are some pics from our new condo. We are in Eagle Springs and are renting this place for a year until our home sells. These are just a few, but who wants all the bathrooms, 2 car garage, and laundry room and such??!

The Kitchen

Dining Area

Part 1 of Living Room

Part 2 of Living Room
Then you go upstairs and have...

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bathroom

The Playroom and our reading bed!

The kids' room

The kids Bathroom

The Study
And then I had to have a picture of Ella and Cavin included! This was our first Family Home Evening in our place! Ella is supposed to be Mary, the mother of Jesus (I know we are a little early on Christmas, but she loves dressing up) and Cavin is just being his mischievous self!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where to Begin....

So I couldn't decide whether to have one REALLY long post or several small ones of the last few weeks, so I think I will just do one to recap Germany, Ragnar's birthday, moving and everything in between. So, it may be an overload, and there are a million pictures, so these are just a few, but here we go. (I'll post pics of the house later)

We left for Germany on September 10th and arrived the morning of September 11th. This was a neat experience for Ragnar because exactly 10 years earlier he arrived home from his mission on September 11th at the same airport, so he was having fun with that.

Anyway, we SOMEHOW survived the flight. I absolutely despise flying and especially with 2 children and my anxiety issues! It was long and hard, and good thing we love Ragnar's parents because if they weren't there we would definitely not be going that far with small kids for pleasure!

It began by Cavin tripping by a window at the Houston airport where he was looking at the planes and falling directly on the edge of the big window and splitting his head open. This happened 10 minutes before boarding and I was sure we would miss the flight. Somehow, we got on the plane, his head stop bleeding fast, and we made it to Atlanta and then on to Germany. I won't go on with the awful details of having Ragnar hold Cavin in the bathroom for 45 minutes because he was screaming too loud, or on the way back having a 4 hour delay in Atlanta and Ella screaming for half of the flight home. Oh man, what we do for family! Needless to say, I am glad I have other memories than the flight and I hope in time they will carry more weight than the memory of the flight!

(Here is his head a few days later...much better)

The trip in Germany was wonderful. The weather was nice, we got to see the entire family and celebrate his mothers upcoming 60th birthday, and just enjoy one another. We didn't see a whole lot because between children and naps, it's not worth it to me to be too adventurous yet, our time will come. We will be back many times and when the kids are older, we can do that.

We did have a good time though. We met Ragnar's best friend Kris and his wife Christina and went bowling and chatted. My German is coming along. I understood more and more and I feel like if I keep working on it, it is an achievable task to learn the language. When we got home Ella said a German word to me and asked if I knew what it meant and I said yes and told her and she goes..."oh mom that's great, you are learning!" So my daughter already thinks she is smarter than me, AT THREE! We had a nice time and I love just sitting and chatting and we were glad we were able to go.

Uschi's party

Cavin and Kris and Christina (Ella was too grumpy to come over)

Daphne and Rags

The train that goes around the whole backyard

Bowling with Kris and Christina

The Frankfurt Temple and some of the crew

Ella and Daddy fixing the train!

Hellmut and the famous train

Ella and Aunt Naomi

Cooking with Oma

Cavin...eating as always!

The cousins

As for the move, I think we were crazy for moving two days after we got back, but we were jet lagged and started the day at 3:30 (thanks to our children) anyway, so we just went ahead and moved. We now live in Eagle Springs and are about 40 minutes from my parents. We are excited about our new place and our ward feels like a high school reunion because I already know half of them, so it's funny. Things are set up and we are doing well.

On to even more exciting news, Ragnar turned 32 (I know old man!) and with his birthday was a late present. He was promoted in the Houston Rockets Organization to Full Time Season Ticket Sales Rep. I think it sounds awful to sell all day and yet, he loves it! It is like a dream job to him, so I am excited for him. He got to have lunch with Carl Dukes of ESPN radio last week and he just loves being a part of the sports world.

So all in all, we are well, things are looking up and we are excited about the future. It has been an really hard year, but I hope that we have learned some lessons and that we can move forward. The kids are liking the new place and adjusting well, but they do miss living with Grandma and Grandpa and playing with Aunt Natalie and Maggie. We can see them often though. I hope all is well with you and now that we are back online...I will keep posted on how things go...until next time!......

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still Alive

So we are still alive and kickin here in Texas, we just still don't have internet access so I will have to post soon! We arrived back from Germany in one piece. We had a lovely time but I HATE traveling there and is heck with two small children, so if I never saw a plane again, I wouldn't be heartbroken! (that may change when the memories of the flight aren't so fresh). We moved two days after we got back and were all jet lagged anyway, but we are in our place and we are enjoying ourselves. I will post about Germany soon!