Friday, October 2, 2015

Deacon's 13/14 month pictures!

Deacon is growing and growing! He learned to walk right after her turned 13 months and now he is almost running! He has several more teeth and loves eating most everything. He still loves bread and fruit.
He loves to go under the table and see what is left for him...
Walking can be exhausting!
This is what he looked like after 30 minutes of running back and forth after a ball! Sweaty!
Here is how he spends his time at the dance studio when Ella has dance! Staring at himself and throwing a ball!
And this is his new favorite thing to do at soccer practice! He looks adorable in that chair!
He also is learning to be so helpful around the house...or so he thinks!
I didn't need that laundry in the dryer anyway....
Such a good helper ;)
He has a love for his brother, but Ella is moving up the ranks!
 He has the funniest faces!
Ok Ok I know I'll stop trying to make you smile!
I just love his cheesy grin!! He makes me smile. He is a very happy baby. Last week however he got a staph boil and it was bothering him. Hopefully with several days of the antibiotics we can clear him of those! He loves kicking and throwing a ball and loves balloons as well!

Ragnar's Birthday!

Ragnar is officially 38! We celebrated his birthday over a span of 2 weekends! The weekend before his birthday, his sister Daphne who lives in Baton Rouge, LA was kind enough to invite him to LSU's biggest football game of the year against Auburn. Lucky for him it was also the second hottest game in history ;)
He went up Friday night and then they tailgated Saturday morning and went to the afternoon game!
The next weekend Daphne came to Houston. We celebrated with some yummy cheesecake!
After cake, the kids went to bed and my parents were kind enough to watch the kids while we went to Top Golf. We brought along Daphne and a friend and the 4 of us enjoyed a night out golfing!
It was a fun evening, minus hearing gun shots not far from us and then seeing several police cars! Ragnar whooped us the first game. Happy Birthday to him!

Channing's First Fieldtrip!

Channing went on her first field trip with her preschool this week. They went to the HEB grocery store. They have been learning about their 5 senses, so they got to go see how the store works, and try samples from the different departments.
Here are the girls in her group. Ellie, Channing, Kaitlyn, Peyton, Cheyanne, and Jane. All adorable girls!
They were trying to guess which fruit was in the bag by feeling it. It was a coconut!
They got to try a delicious cookie from the bakery.
Then they met Fred the Lobster. As you can tell from Channing's face, she was the only one not interested in touching him (much like her mother!)
They practiced scanning and got real money and a 2 item grocery list they got to buy. She had a fun time. They tried pizza, fruit, cookies, milk, and cheese! No need for lunch!
She got this bow from a friend in preschool who went to Hawaii and loves wearing it!
She wanted to be like her brother!
Practicing silly faces like him and all!

Soccer Season is upon us!

Cavin started soccer season a few weeks ago and it is his 6th season. He is such a big fan of soccer and we are glad he has found something he loves.
He has been on the same teamq each year and he has Coach Tory and Coach Roland again. They are the Red Dynamite this year (a name which Cavin proudly chose)
He is big into silly faces lately!
He was chosen as the Eagle of the week the first week of school and also was the DOJO leader of the week! That is a system his teacher uses to track good behavior! 
We love Cavin and are proud of who he is becoming!