Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Independance Day 2014

We were lucky to have the 4th of July fall on a weekend and Ragnar have the day off. The kids were excited to celebrate and spend the day with their grandparents. We woke up early and met my parents at IHOP for breakfast...and apparently so did most of Houston ;)
There was a balloon lady walking around making balloons as we waited for breakfast, so the kids were happy to get a balloon!
 I'm glad the kids still get excited about things like balloons!
Breakfast was yummy and we came back to Grandma's and Grandpa's and played all day.
First we decorated this cardboard box for a little Frisbee toss!
Cavin got it in on his first shot...but it proved to be beginners luck ;)
Our happy Liberty box.
We interrupted our America celebrating to take a couple hours to celebrate Germany in the World Cup and watch them play soccer.(This picture and the one below are from the previous world cup game but we having been cheering them on all the way!) 
This is how Channing watches the game....she is giving us check ups and the other two are constantly in front of the tv cheering! It's been fun to have it on.
After the game and naps we came outside to play in grandma's backyard. I seriously love that 1. my kids will still take naps and 2. balloons and tiny pools are still fun to them! 
Channing was ready to spray you with her water gun!
Ella mostly hogged the hose ;)
Then they each took turns diving/jumping in!
We had a BBQ and ate dinner and then we had some thunderstorms, but we still went over to my parent's friends the Crooks house for fireworks in the break of the rainstorms.
Riding down the street in the pickup truck!
Channing was not too fond of the fireworks and part of that was because they started at 9:30...2 hours past her bedtime!
Ella was in heaven with the sparklers...
Cavin is our timid child and wasn't so sure...but a vast improvement from having his ears plugged the whole time!
Grandma and Grandpa!
This is how Channing spent most of the time!
 Ella was a little excited! hahaha
Getting tired....
Channing kept asking if it was bedtime yet...
My mom and I after a lovely humid day ;)
We had a fun day and I am so glad we get to hang out with family and celebrate this wonderful country that we live in. We hope the freedoms we enjoy continue to last for years and years to come!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


This past week we were able to make the 9 hour drive to visit my sister Marisa and her family in Bentonville, Arkansas! I hadn't been there since their daughter Aubrey was blessed and we wanted to see their new house and visit with cousins. We had a great visit and the kids loved playing. First we went to a jump zone and the kids loved it! Here are just some of hundreds of pictures.
The kids tried this Hurricane simulator and loved it! 
Channing spent most of her time in this little house!
The ship was Ella's favorite.
Cavin was excited they had basketball!
 Marisa was enjoying this :) Until the big rug burn on her elbow!
Aubrey was not afraid to try!
Aubrey took advantage of the dance time!
It was a fun jump zone. Only downfall...someone took Channing's shoes, so for a girl who loves her shoes she kept trying to find them...but they were quickly replaced at the store. After the jump zone we went to a fun waterpark but I didn't want to bring my camera at risk of it being stolen, so no fun pictures there. I'm not sure anyone should be sad....there was no chance of a picture of an 8 month along pregnant lady in a swim suit!! Ella and Cavin were pretty brave there and tried the big slides. The next morning we went to a fun park and then of course watched the World Cup Germany game!
Liam looking good in his shades!
The cousins!
Skipping rocks at the park!
After naps and soccer games we celebrated Liam's birthday a week early as he will be 4 soon!
 This was by far his favorite present and he played the garbage truck sounds on it over and over....of course it was from Grandma!
 Happy 4th Birthday Liam!
After the BBQ was movie night!
Cavin was lucky to lose his tooth that he has been wiggling for a month and the tooth fairy even came to Arkansas ;)
Liam was Cavin's little buddy and they had fun playing. We had a fun time and appreciated my sister letting us stay with them and see their cute home! Even the drive ended up not being too bad and the kids did great and my legs didn't fall asleep too much! Haha...success! We miss their family already!