Monday, June 24, 2013

Annual Summer Olympics!

The past couple years my parents have done their own edition of backyard Summer Olympics and my kids talk about them throughout the year and love them. Last year they did it while they were watching our kids and we were in Utah, so I was excited to be here to watch them this year. My mom tries to make it special with a flag, torch, medals and the whole works, even if it's just for a couple of them ;)
Here we are making our special team flag. We made a family one and an individual one!
Not a great picture and we all look grungy, but here are our flags!
Here they go running the torch to start the games 
Lightening of the flames in the "cauldron"!
 They started with "noodle balloon hockey"
Then they went on to Croquet!
Next was the "Don't crack the egg" relay
On to shot-put!
Then tug of war!!!
Channing was a good "helper" for tug of war ;) and the rest of the time she was here....
They did more games like this 100 yard dash and crab walk and such, but then they relaxed from their hard work in the pool having Popsicles!
And we had an Olympic feast afterward ;)
Then after a bath and naps was the awards ceremony! 
Cavin took gold because he won the most events (and is by far the most competitive), Ella took Silver, and Channing Bronze!
Here he is in all his glory! They each won an event and he was "The Best Noodle Balloon Hockey Player"
Then of course our little lady Ella taking Silver which she was a great sport about. She was the "Best Crab Walker"
Channing was "the best Olympic Supporter" :) Man you gotta love this kid!
Thanks mom and dad it was a fun time for us all and something the kids always remember! They appreciate memories with their grandparents!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Fellow Friends!

This week we had to say goodbye "for now" to one of our favorite families. We have loved getting to know the Waters family and are so sad that they are now onto their next adventure. Cavin loved his best buddy Tyler, Channing loved Tyson and had a small "crush" on the little cutie and everyone loved Emma (Channing prayed for her almost every night...I think she was convinced she was her little sister!). I loved talking to Candice and Channing finally warmed up to Kenny....which was a task in itself. What can I say we just loved their family! Here are some of the adventures of our last week with them.
We went to the splash pad and enjoyed the beginning of summer....they got out of Houston before it becomes unbearable!
We went bowling and that was an adventure in itself!
I went to the bathroom with Channing and Candice said while I was gone Cavin was trying out his "break dancing"!
After a little going away party which we threw, we got the privilege of having them spend their last night/day with us and Kenny entertained the boys on the trampoline and played Legos!
Here are our cute kiddos.....Cavin, Tyson, Tyler, Channing, Ella, and Emma
I can't even tell you how sad I was to see them go....regardless if I never "show" emotion or cry... I was super sad. Candice has become one of my best friends and I will miss talking to her everyday and having the kids play together. She is a very talented, compassionate, kind person who I learned so much from and I wish their family the very best in Oregon! Until we meet again!