Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

It's Halloween again, and the kids love doing Fall crafts and decorating pumpkins. Usually we just color on the pumpkins because I hate the mess of carving, but we decided just to do two little pumpkins this year for family night and the kids loved it. Here are some pictures of our fun!
Ella always wants to do a boys against girls (she is our competitive child), so here is us working on the girls pumpkin....
And here is Ragnar working with Cavin on the boys.....Cavin was trying to hide ;)
I had to add a picture of Channing being her little silly self!
 And here is our little creations....just a simple remembrance of our fun evening.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A visit from Hellmut and Ursula

This past week we got a special visit from Ragnar's parents. They have been sweet enough to come from Germany for almost all of Ragnar's birthdays since we have been married. The kids were so excited to have them here and we had a wonderful visit. We truly wish they lived MUCH closer!
Here is Ella with her Oma Hartzheim. She loves to have her around and was so excited to give up her room for a week to have her stay.
 Cavin is going to be bigger than his Grandma before we know it!
 Cavin shares his love of planes and trains with his Opa Hartzheim.
His parents wanted to get us a house warming gift and were kind enough to buy us a trampoline. Although I was nervous about it, the kids are in love with it!
The kids helped for a while, then took at seat at the window. We surprised Ella when she got home from school it was finished!
Ragnar's 35th birthday was on Tuesday......and since he had to work, we went to IHOP and had a nice breakfast before he left.
Our awesome friend Jared who is a pilot got us a special opportunity to fly in the simulator on Ragnars birthday and that pretty much made Ragnar's birthday. Only Ragnar, Hellmut, and I went as it wasn't until 9 p.m. 
    I even attempted....Here is your pilot Ragnar and co-pilot Lisa. We didn't do too bad...Jared thankfully didn't let us crash :)
At continental airlines......before it's big change....
Here was the view as we were taking off....don't worry this picture is when Ragnar and his dad were flying! It was a neat experience in which we will remember!
 Also Ursula's sister surprised her and came from Dallas for a visit so that was nice.
  We went to Chuck-E- Cheese....which the kids love.
 Here is Ella going on a "rollercoaster" with Oma.
 Then we got to go to a temple session which was nice. Thankfully my mom and dad watched the kids as we went.
We had a nice time and it was a nice day!

Then we went to dinner with both of our parents at Cheeburger Cheeburger. YUM!
We did many more things, but as you can tell...there are already plenty of pictures to at least document the fun trip. We thank them so much for coming. We can't wait to see them again!
 Ella was so excited to get a matching dress with Channing

We love and miss you already!


This year we are doing a little preschool with Cavin. There was supposed to be 4 kids in it, but one of the little girls moved to London with her family, so it's just three little kiddos who meet once a week and learn. It has gotten off to a slow start due to illness, but Cavin is excited nonetheless. We also do a school district preschool that I go to with him. He is a happy go lucky guy and just enjoys life. 

This day we just had Ty and Cavin as Emily couldn't come, but we enjoyed learning. Today they learned about dinosaurs and were digging for bones a.k.a noodles. We had a fun time!