Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet and Sassy Girls of Mine!

Last Saturday Ella was invited to her friend Audrey's birthday party. They went to a place in the Woodlands, TX called Sweet and Sassy. She had a lot of fun. She is a girly girl for sure and it was right up her alley! First they got their nails done!
Then came the makeup!
Then was the hair!
Doesn't she look beautiful! She had so much glitter in her hair!
Then they got to pose for the picture!
Last they did a fashion show and dance down the runway! It was followed of course by cake and icecream! She loved every minute of it....and I am horrified at how I am going to keep up with her as she gets older! I think she will be teaching me how to put on makeup at 8!
I can't do a post without the other cute girlie! Channing is moving EVERYWHERE! She is so not like my other children! People would say the things their kids did and I would be like...really? I was serious...Ella and Cavin were really good/easy children. Channing does most everything she is not supposed to and has a cute cheesy grin after! Even just this morning I went to her crib and her diaper was off and she was just smiling at me with her bare bum in the air...??? Oh I think I am in for it with her!
Here is her first attempt at a little pony tail! Isn't she adorable!
I have been lucky to have two cute and VERY different little girls!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ella's 6th Birthday!

Starting her birthday right...with donuts and getting her nails painted
On May 5, 2012 Ella turned 6! I can't believe our not so little girl has only two weeks left of kindergarten. For her birthday, my parents and Natalie came over to celebrate. It just happened that her birthday fell on the first day for the pool to reopen for the year, so we went to the pool to celebrate, then had a bbq, a cookie cake at her request, and a pinata...because it was on Cinco de Mayo after all!
Here was her "favorite" present....a bunny from Oma and Opa. She has been asking me for a real bunny for a while now, thankfully we have been able so far to use the excuse that we are renting a home and can't have pets....now we will have to come up with a new one. For now, she loves "Carrot" and feeds her and has me take care of her when she is at school. She loves that she can hop and move!
Strawberry Shortcake house from Grandma and Grandpa Speers. She has been loving playing this with her brother....and yes I said her brother :)
Here she is after the pool and bath!
Pinata time!!! Aunt Natalie helped get it broken for us!
We were so glad that my parents and Natalie could come to celebrate Ella. Even better was the hula hoop entertainment from my dad :) Ella is such a smart, creative girl and still loves to dress up. She loves sports and is pretty coordinated, but she also cries during almost every movie! She has this new thing where she likes to do her own hair....it is definitely a work in progress....but go her for trying. I sure do love spending time with my little emotional princess!