Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Years Week 2016

My brother Chris and his family were headed to the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship and so we decided to tag along! The kids had a fun time looking at some history, and mostly just being with their cousins. 
All of them in front of the battleship!
Uncle Chris was our tour guide!
Watch out for the kids!
This is the face I constantly see on my brother :)
 There were some pretty steep stairs up and down the ship!
Crew's ready for his nap on the boat!
Leave it to Channing to strike a pose!
The older kids decided to go to the top with Uncle Chris!
 Cavin quickly came down! Too high for me as well!
Proof that I was there! I think that's the only picture I was in!
We had a picnic in the chilly weather and next went to the San Jacinto Monument. It is a very tall building!
Deacon was trying to climb the stairs for the picture!
Silly cousins!
They had a nice afternoon there. We enjoyed seeing some history about the great state of Texas!
New Years Eve was my nephew Crew's birthday so we spent the day there celebrating!
We went on a scavenger hunt..
Grandpa was kind enough to go out of his way and find everyone their pine cones we were missing.
Here is our birthday boy!
Time for his cake smash!!
After the cake smash we had a fire outside to make smores!
It took a while to get the fire started but it served its purpose and we had yummy smores.
These girls have fun together! 
Natalie all bundled up!
We stayed the night with my dad and Natalie (since my mom is still gone) and my dad was keeping Deacon busy with tennis balls! He had a blast! At one point he had it in his hood and he looked like a dog circling over and over trying to get it! It was pretty funny!
Such a good grandpa! It was a fun week and we hope 2016 brings many wonderful things!

Christmas 2015!

Christmas break has been a blast!! We've had so many fun memories. 
I always send out Christmas cards, and I sure love this tradition and getting a picture taken each year. 

The Sunday before we got to listen to Ragnar play the cello in church the first weekend. 
The kids got all dressed up in their cute Sunday Christmas clothes.
My handsome boys!
The girls looked adorable in their matching dresses.
After church the kids asked if we could take some special treats to some friends/families. If they want to be kind and serve others I am happy to oblige.. I just wasn't super prepared.
The kids made pretzels with hersey kisses and m&m's together, and I made some different types of cookies and rice krispy treats and Ragnar dipped pretzel sticks. Since it was Sunday and I wasn't prepared to do treats, I didn't even have Christmas plates, so hopefully our friends forgave us as we delivered them on flower plates ;) The kids wanted to serve, so it's the thought that counts I hope!
Tuesday we met my brother and his kids and headed to the Aerodrome to ice skate!
Chris kindly watched the three younger kids while the older 5 ice skated with Chira and I!
They all did pretty well. I skated mostly with Channing who was happy to be there. Cavin decided he wanted to be a hockey player and checked himself into the wall and gave himself a busted lip. What would anything be if Cavin didn't have something on his body to remember it by! He patched up quickly and got back to skate. He and Ella mostly hugged the side, but had fun.
Afterward I had to go to Costco to get some things for Christmas dinner, so we all went and enjoyed a slice of pizza!
In true Hartzheim fashion, all 4 kids fell asleep on the way home! Ice skating wore them out!

On December 23rd, Ragnar's sister Daphne joined us to celebrate the Christmas holidays. We were so glad that she could come. The kids wanted to make her a special sign to make her feel welcome.
Daphne is such an awesome Aunt to the kids. She has to endure her little "side-kick" Channing constantly asking her what she is doing. 
On Christmas eve we went to my brother Chris' house and had a nice dinner. After dinner the kids put on a puppet show of the nativity and we went to go see Christmas lights in Preston village which we do most years. It was a fun night.
Christmas morning came and the kids were so excited to finally have it here!
They have to wait for a special "Mannheim Steamroller" song to play to come down. When they came down they headed straight for the tree. Our friends gave us this "pickle" ornament that if you find you get to open the first present.
Ella found it this year!
 Let's get this party started!
Ella started with her gift from Santa.
A giant beanie boo...she sure loves those things!
Deacon was just happy to be there. He got a ball. His favorite!
Maybe he will stop trying to take his brother's at soccer practice!
Channing's big reveal!
A barbie doll house!!
She just kept staring and saying wow! (I got a steal of a deal on it!)
The beloved kindle that she's been wanting!
And he sure wanted the Salamance pokemon pack.
Channing just stayed and played as we opened.
We each do a picture of our favorite thing in front of the tree each year. Cavin really wanted a green alarm clock, Ragnar got fancy Rocket's shoes, I got a blog book printed (and that cool vaccum to the right), Deacon a soccer ball, Channing got an Anna and Elsa doll cause the dollhouse was too big to bring over, and Ella a kindle.
Cute, happy kiddos!
Our Christmas family!
Daphne was a great photographer, but that also meant she got out of a lot of the pictures!
Daphne got us a cup stacking game which we had fun playing!
Daphne also got Channing some makeup and Daphne was happy to let her try it on her ;)
 Doesn't the pink eye shadow looks fabulous!
She's such a great Aunt, she is happily playing along with her side kick!
Grandpa came over to hang out with us on Christmas while my mom is helping my sister who had twins. As you can tell Deacon loves his grandpa!
 Grandpa's always making him laugh!!
 Grandpa and Natalie who both love Christmas.
My brother Chris and his cute family also came to celebrate and spend the day. Aren't they such a cute family!
All of the cousins had a great time! We are sure glad they live close now and I enjoyed their company as Ragnar went to work the Rockets game and Daphne went to attend!
We had a Super Mario brothers wii night where we HAD to complete this level! It ended up taking the whole family to finish the level, but there was much excitement when we did it!
On Saturday before Daphne left we went to Red Robin and IKEA. We had a great lunch and spent a fair amount of time in IKEA, but we got some fun shelves that Daphne graciously helped Ragnar build when we got home! It was nice to have Daphne come and I am so glad that she was willing and lives close enough to be a bigger part of our lives. We had a wonderful Merry Christmas!