Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday Girl Channing!

 Cheesy Smile!
 Then her first donut!
 Her best friend, Aunt Natalie...she loves her!
  Her first cupcake

 Poor Ella...Channing is always sitting on her or combing her hair. She loves her big sis!
Channing turned one this week! I can't believe we have already had her for an entire year! She has been such a joy to our family! She has an adorable smile when her thumb comes out of her mouth and she is fairly easy to please. She loves baby dolls, combing everyone's hair, macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. She also is walking along everything and balancing well. She is very active, but not walking yet....but I am in no rush for that. With her personality I am afraid she will go straight to running! She loves her siblings and is always tackling them or waving at them to get their attention. She is a pretty good sleeper and rarely cries when she wakes up, so I am never quite sure when she wakes up from her naps. She has discovered the scowl and is always giving a grumpy face and then laughing afterward. She is our little firecracker at times, but we love her!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Our growing child!

Yesterday Cavin turned 4 years old! Man I swear time has flown by. He is such a big kid now. It is so sad to me. He is such a sweet kid and I just love his personality. He loves monster trucks, the ipad, mario cart wii, numbers, and he could color and play with playdo for hours! He always has the funniest things to say and very rarely is grumpy. He is just a happy boy and he really brightens my day and is such a wonderful son! He had a party in the morning with 5 of his friends and then he had a party at night with Grandma and Grandpa Speers and Aunt Natalie. Out of all the things he got, I asked him what his favorite thing was and he said "my number shirt from Grandma" Really?!? He just loves numbers. Happy 4th birthday Cavin!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Fun!

These past two weekends have been fun. We got to relax and spend one weekend at home watching General Conference and we love two days of pjs!

Here is our fort....and skyping our family in between sessions!

Cavin was having fun doing Ella and my hair. He loves to add lots of pretty things!

Doesn't it look great! :)

Don't worry he also did manly things too :)

Channing is always pointing at things and saying "what's that" It's cute!

She now has 8 teeth and they are cute little mater teeth! haha

She always looks at me like this!

The next weekend we got to spend Easter dying eggs and visiting family!

We had lots of fun colors!

We also got to dye eggs with these cuties!

Ragnar's cousin Laurie lives in Sugarland and we hung out on Saturday with her family and his Aunt Brigette. Here are the 6 kids...Benson, Matthew, Connor, Ella, Channing, and Cavin. We had a great bbq and visit. We really should see them more often! Our kids are all a month or so apart! We then went to spend the night at my parents and had Easter Sunday with them. We got to go to see the Hunger Games the night before and just relax. It was a nice weekend and we are so grateful to have some family close!