Friday, September 26, 2008

31 Years ago!

Yesterday was Ragnar's 31st birthday! I know, I know, he is an old man, but very young at heart! He unfortunately had to work, but he got off early, so we went to Chilis and then had some friends over for some cheesecake! It was a fun day! I am so glad that Ragnar is in my life and am grateful that we get to share each day together. I hope you had a fun day babe!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cavin our little Exercizer!!!

Our friends the Ferrins let us borrow one of their toys so Cavin could practice standing up and use his chubby legs a little bit. Here is a little video of how much fun he is having standing up and seeing the lights and hearing the noises. Enjoy!!! Make sure you pay attention to those legs!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Can you BELIEVE we got to spend a WHOLE weekend together???

There was a rainbow on the way home,
I think the skies were rejoycing that we
actually won a game!!

Ella about 30 seconds after we
got in the car, she needs her nap!

This weekend Ragnar decided to take some time off and he took a vacation day on Saturday! It was so fun to have him home the whole weekend. It was almost too nice, I'm not sure I don't want him to get off every Saurday! Too bad that won't happen! I think the whole time he has worked at Fishers (3 years) he has had 3 Saturdays off, I know, I know that stinks! We enjoyed the time we had though. On Sat. we relaxed all morning and then we went over to the Utah State vs. Idaho game. I know it is two not very good teams, but somewhere in our hearts we still try and cheer for our aggies! They actually put on a good showing, winning 42-17! It was such a nice surprise and even though it sprinkled off and on, the kids were great and we enjoyed ourselves!! We also got to see my cousins Ryan and Tiffani Jackson and Stephanie Harris and her adorable blondie Rhett! I wish we lived closer to Steph! Sunday we relaxed and had a delicious turkey dinner with our friends the Ferrins. We really enjoyed just being together! I highly recommend finding a job that has Saturdays off, I can't wait until we do!

(we didn't get really many pics, but here are a few we did have!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tanner and Ella

Ella has a best friend named Tanner Ferrin who she absolutely loves. Anytime we go anywhere or do anything, she says "tanner coming too?" They have been able to play at the park everyday this week and yesterday he came over to play again. They watched Cars first and poor Tanner had to listen to Ella chattering through the whole movie. Then they danced and played with playdo! I am sure glad Ella has such a fun friend!

Rolling Party!

Cavin started rolling over last week, at least last week was the first time we witnessed it (we know he had before then because he was on his tummy in the crib when we went to get him some mornings)! Ever since last week he is rolling over all the time. I hope he slows down, I don't really want to start chasing him! He sure is fun!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Little Miss Priss!!

Ella is definately our little girly girl! I don't know where she got it from, maybe my sister slipped some of her genes into me! She is always walking around the house with my shoes and a purse and her "rella" (any dress is called a rella after cinderella, and she has to have one on). She loves to dress up and man I'm afraid she will have a little attitude.....good thing she is cute!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weekend Extravaganza!!

This weekend the kids and I went down to Vernal, Utah with my parents! My grandparents and Aunts live down there and we wanted to join them for a visit. My parents flew in on Thursday afternoon and Ragnar drove me down to meet them. First we drove down to Heber, Utah and spent the night with the Blickenstaffs our old friends from Humble, Texas. They have a beautiful cabin that they let us stay in and we enjoyed a nice dinner and some fun chatting. Ella loved the rocks around the cabin and the fun swings! The view was beautiful and it was a little chilly in the morning and evening.

After Heber we left the next day to Vernal to see my grandparents. We arrived and had a nice dinner and played cards and enjoyed the nice weather. The next day we went for a picnic at the at "Remember the Maine" park. Ella loved the slides and my dad even showed her a few tricks flipping around the bars! We had a yummy picnic!

The next day we picked peaches and played outside and we enjoyed time with our other grandparents the Haws! I think Ella was confused about grandparents, because we had two sets of great grandparents and one set of grandparents, so everyone was grandma or grandpa, but she had a special place for Grandpa Speers who would play with her and Aunt Natalie who would have a tea party with her!We had a fun few days and were glad they put up with our little munchkins! We love you grandmas and grandpas!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Dear Aunt Rissa!!

This weekend we had the pleasure of having Marisa come up and spend a few days with us. We just hung out and talked, but we loved having her. We went wedding dress shopping and watched movies and played games and we enjoyed ourselves. We also got to have my brothers sister in law Samantha come spend Sunday night with us and we had fun getting to know her, and she endured Ellas grumpy face!Ella sure loves Aunt Rissa and was super sad when she left as you can see from the pictures. She cried for about 15 minutes saying "rissa where are coming back??... I need Aunt Rissa" We love to have her and are glad she spent her precious free weekend with us! COME BACK SOON MARISA!