Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainy Days!

This past week and a half it has rained a ton! We are so grateful for the rain, but it sure has kept us inside a lot. We have had my sister Natalie staying with us for a few days and then we went over to her house and hung out with her there a few days while my parents were on a little trip. Natalie got to enjoy our dress-up parties, movies, games, and endless hugs from Channing who adores her. By the end Channing was even calling her "mama" because Natalie would pay more attention to her. We are so glad that Natalie could come and hang out with us for a little while. (I can't believe I didn't get a picture of her with the kids, but I guess she lives close...we will have to do it again!) I only hope it doesn't rain for the next week and a half straight!
Yes this is my son wearing a super woman costume....as you can see we need some "boy" dress-up attire. I justify it and say he at least chose something that resembled a male action figure! He loves whatever his sister loves!

The Butterfly Museum

This past week I went with my sister Natalie and my friend Mitzi and her son Marshall to the Butterfly museum. Ella loves butterflies and always tells me which kind she sees, so I wanted to check it out.
 Ella's dream was to have a butterfly land on her finger, we tried for a little while and then I told her we had five more minutes before we needed to leave, so that she could try one more time. I really felt bad because I thought there was a next to none chance that it would actually land on her finger....well....  
Here she is with a butterfly on her finger and I think I have never seen her happier. She was so excited.
As you can see in this picture she used a little coercion from the butterfly who was on the ground to get it on her finger, but it crawled up and stayed there long enough for a picture then flew away. It was great and she talked about it the rest of the day!
Channing was ready to eat lunch ;)
I love Marshalls face in this...haha! There were butterflies flying everywhere which was neat but there were way too many disgusting insects to look at inside! We finished it off with a nice little picnic. It was a fun little outing.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kids Bowl Free

This summer Ella and Cavin were able to participate in bible school. There is a Methodist church in our area that offered bible school to children for free for 5 days from 9-12 and they loved every minute of it. It was a good experience for them to learn with other kids about the bible and they had fun making crafts and playing. One of the perks was that they got a coupon to bowl for free through September. So....on Tuesday we checked it out. They had a fun time and Tyler and Tyson came along!
Ella used the ramp and also bowled on her own...she couldn't decide what she liked more. She only worried about one thing....can you guess.....winning!
Hoping for a strike.... although she did get a spare!
Cavin loves numbers as you know, so you can imagine how excited he got looking at the scoreboard after each time and seeing that his score would get higher and higher :)
Here is Cavin and his buddy Tyler
Channing is now our little walking buddy, so she was having a hard time staying still. She does however love to sit in big kid chairs!
Here are the kids, Cavin, Ella, Tyson, and Tyler....not pictured were the two cute girls, Channing and Emma. We sure enjoy their company!

Blueberry Picking

 This year some friends of ours were going blueberry picking so we decided to join along. We all like blueberries and in our family you can never have enough. There is a place called Moorheads  Farm about 40 minutes away so we waited til evening when it "cooled" down (if there is such a thing in Houston) and enjoyed picking away!
Ragnar is going to town picking here in the back of this picture. He was on a mission to find some!
Ella was so worried about making sure she had the most!  She was working hard to make sure she would ...she is our competitive child!
Cavin is obsessed with numbers so he pretty much counted every single blueberry that landed in this bucket. I think we hear numbers more than words come out of his mouth!
Here are a couple of my friends who we joined...Brittany and Emily
This was mostly a mixture of Channings two faces. She would smile so big because she would be eating all the blueberries from the bucket.....or.........
She would give you a grumpy face because she was eating them all and I would tell her she had enough. Oh we love this little girl! We picked about 7 and 1/2 pounds in about an hour, so we had plenty to take home!