Tuesday, June 6, 2017

For the love of music!

Ella has always loved music, a trait I think she got from her father. She has been playing the piano again this year and is getting better and better. We are still working on her taking time to practice, but hopefully that habit will develop. She had her piano recital and played two songs "Melody" by Ferdinard Beyer and "Ode to Joy" by Ludwig Van Beethoven. She did a great job playing and I am always impressed by her desire to get up and do her thing!
Ella also had her end of year choir concert at her school. She has participated in her choir for two years and has enjoyed singing. 
They sang songs like "Sing", "Uptown Funk", "Don't You worry about a Thing", "The Composers are all on Facebook", and "See you again". Her choir teacher is Mr. Whorton. I enjoy listening to them perform and I am so glad she loves music.

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