Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween is usually filled with lots of fun festivities every year. The kids really enjoy deciding on a costume and often know what they want to be early on. This year, they really didn't have too much of an opinion, so for the most part we used costumes we had and they had just as much fun. Ella wanted to be Ariel, Cavin was a ninja, Channing was Doc McStuffins, and Deacon just dressed like a monster.
We got to go to our churches trunk or treat and the kids had a fun time walking around getting candy. Channing was over it after a few cars and just sat in the stroller for a ride after a few minutes.
The night before Halloween we got to go to Ragnar's work and do Trunk or Treats in the Suites. This event is the kids' favorite each year. We got to go to the Toyota Center and the kids go to each suite and trick or treat and play games and do crafts. Ragnar is supposed to dress up and so we dressed up as German soccer player.
Cavin and Ella were glad to take a picture with Clutch and Channing booked it the other direction...Clutch is not her favorite. On Halloween my parents came over and trick or treated with the kids and we had a fun night together. Another fun Halloween in the books!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Deacon's 3 months!

This little guy hit the 3 month mark on October 30th! He is growing so much! He has been sleeping through the night and is holding his head up really well and growing so much! He loves to look into mirrors and see himself and he likes to be outside. 
He absolutely loves his bath and if he is ever crying, just stick him in the bath and he will smile away!
He also loves to play on his play mat and he can sit and kick and hit his toys for a while! He is learning how to control his hands more and more. He often has his hands in his mouth and is starting to track real well and is generally a very happy baby!