Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Deacon's Blessing Day!

Labor Day weekend we had the opportunity to have Ragnar bless our son Deacon at our church. My sister Marisa was coming that weekend so we wanted to make it happen while she was here. We are so glad it worked out and her family could be here, but as always we miss the family who can't be here for every special event. We had a nice weekend and it was fun to have both my sisters and my parents around. My best friend Stacey's family was able to come to the blessing and my other good friend Sarah. There were also a lot of good friends close by who came to church twice to participate in our special day which we got to share with my friend Brittany who also blessed her son. It was a nice day.
Finding something to bless Deacon in proved to be challenging. Cavin was so big at 6 weeks that he had a 9 month outfit that clearly wouldn't fit Deacon, and he was so small that the 0-3 month little suit I bought him was huge on him, so my sister Marisa was kind enough to look for something and found this. I think he looked adorable and it fit him pretty well.
I love him in blue because of his blue eyes and I PRAY that one of my kids' blue eyes will stay blue like their father's!
I love this picture because it depicts how sweet Cavin is to his brother, he sure loves having him!
 The two boys!
 Deacon with his protective sisters ;)
 These are the cousins...Channing, Cavin, Aubrey, Liam, Ella, and Deacon
This one makes me laugh because Aubrey and Liam have almost the exact same pose :)
My parents with the grandkids that were here. 
My kiddos with my parents.
 All of us...
 and then our little family.
 More family photos...
My sister Marisa with her family...aren't they cute!
My sisters
And lastly my 4 cute kiddos who I am so lucky to call mine. I sure do love them!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Deacon's 1 Month Milestone!

Deacon is officially 1 month old! I feel like it's always a great relief when they get through that first month of life! It sounds silly because it's only one month, but they learn so much that first month and for me it is the hardest one to get through. Deacon has been a good baby so far and I am so grateful. His only challenge has been eating! He has been very unlike his siblings who loved to eat from the very beginning! He was so sleepy that he never wanted to wake up to eat and when I would nurse him he would fall back asleep! It was very frustrating as I have never had a sleepy eater! After about 9 days he had lost over a pound. He started at 7 lbs 11 ozs and was down to 6 lbs 9 ozs and he wasn't filling his diapers hardly at all. I became really worried about him so the dr had me pump exclusively for a week to see how much he was eating and to really get him going and not have to work for it. I had gotten a new, nice pump, so we gave it a try and he downed a bottle and all of them after! He much prefers a bottle and pumping is pretty fast for me, so sometimes it's easier, but I don't want to be completely stuck to a pump, so we are still working on waking up enough to nurse. I think it soothes him when he nurses so he doesn't really suck. Anyway, we went to the doctor today and he was 7 lbs 3 ozs at 2 weeks and at 1 month (and a couple days) he was 9 lbs 3 ozs! He had gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks! YAY! I much prefer a little chubb on my babies and I am glad he is being more alert and gaining weight. He is a good natured baby, we sure love him and the kids can't get enough of him!