Sunday, July 23, 2017

Deacon's ALMOST 3rd birthday!

This year Deacon is SOOOOO excited to spend his birthday in Germany. He's been talking about it for like 6 months. He always says, "My birthday is in July and I am going to be in Germany." Due to the fact that I didn't want to bring all his presents to Germany and we wanted to celebrate with cousins and other grandparents, we decided to throw him a little party here in Texas first before we left for Germany this week. He wanted another basketball party and so we met his request. We started with a BBQ as Deacon loves hotdogs and chips. 
We played a couple games after dinner. Deacon loves planes, so we made paper airplanes and saw who could fly theirs the farthest.
He also loves shooting nerf guns. So we had a target contest. He loves shooting baskets as well. We had a basketball shooting contest after the nerf guns.
My simple cake still made his day!
He loves celebrating himself. He kept telling everyone "come see my birthday" haha
He did a good job blowing out the candles. Deacon loves vanilla things. He calls everything white. He likes white cake and white icecream but doesn't want anything to do with chocolate!
After cake was present time!
He loves to take a screw driver around the house and "fix" things, so I bought him a car he could screw together over and over. :)
His favorite candy is dum dum suckers. This bag should last him at least a week or so ;)
He got a Mack car, a color changer track, a train and more cars, activity things for the plane ride, and other fun toys! He had a fun birthday and I was so glad that my parents, sister Natalie, and brother Chris' family could join us! Family and cousins always make it more fun!!
A couple things about Deacon. He is a fun loving boy! He is usually really happy! He loves games and always wants to beat you at anything. No matter what it is he will say "I'm going to beat you." He is quite competitive. He loves to wake up early and he always wants to play on the "b-pad" (ipad) when he wakes up. He has a fun giggle but he also has a piercing scream when he is mad. He loves anything to do with balls. Baseball, basketball, soccer, football. Any time he can throw, kick, or dribble a ball he is happy. He is quite natural with balls and I look forward to watching to see how he will progress. He also is a complete daddy's boy! He wants NOTHING to do with me when dad is near. He always wants to facetime him when he is sad or lay by him at night. He sure loves him. He has beautiful blue eyes and everywhere we go someone stops us to tell me how pretty they are. So now he always says, "I have blue eyes, and you have brown eyes" He definitely knows what color his eyes are after the millions of compliments. We love our little boy and we are so glad he is a part of our family!

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